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Media on media

I’ll be on Howie Kurtz’ Reliable Sources this morning about 10:45 ET on the election and probably the LA Times.

: And while I’m engaging in incestuous media backscratching, I’ll note the Press Gazette’s list of the New Media Establishment. I’m on it (rounding out 10 percet for the Guardian), which is lovely. But I just worked hard to escape the Establishment, only to find myself in a new one. Drat.

Media on media

I, too, will be on Reliable Sources at 10:30 to talk about the death of networks or some such.

: LATER: I kept harping on how CNN is a fool not to put up Howie’s show afterwards so we can watch it or find it on YouTube (for a far younger demo!) or on our blogs.

Proving the point, Ian Schwartz put up the video.

Explaining it all

Peter Day at the BBC’s In Business delivers an in-depth, half-hour show on how blogs, et al change media and business. Day interviewed me (twice, thanks to damned technology) at We Media in London and I haven’t enjoyed an interview that much in quite some time. Maybe that’s just because he let me blather. But I think he does a good job of stringing it all together. Here‘s the MP3. [via Hugh]

Media on media

Going to be on Howie Kurtz’s Reliable Sources on CNN at 10a today dishing Couric.

Aw, shucks

Jon Friedman writes a too-kind profile of little ol’ me at Marketwatch. (BTW, the chunk he quotes in the middle is from the world editors’ conference site, not me, just to be clear.)