Explaining it all

Peter Day at the BBC’s In Business delivers an in-depth, half-hour show on how blogs, et al change media and business. Day interviewed me (twice, thanks to damned technology) at We Media in London and I haven’t enjoyed an interview that much in quite some time. Maybe that’s just because he let me blather. But I think he does a good job of stringing it all together. Here‘s the MP3. [via Hugh]

  • John S.

    BBC World Service is great for the way that their interviewers ask questions and then get out of the way.

    NPR, CBC and the pubcasters of the rest of the free world all have a horrible propensity to interfere and steer guests in directions clearly against the guests’ desire.

    You are not alone. Interviewers shouldn’t always pretend to understand everything and get out of the way.

    It is a not so subtle form of gatekeeping that does a disservice to all parties: listeners; audience; but mostly news gatherers for appearing overbearing and ego driven.

    In fact, for this type of journalistic interference, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has got to be the greatest offender.


  • Web two point naught :-D