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The CBS interview

Here’s the embeddable version of my CBS interview. A friend suggests I should loop Katie saying “Buzzmachine.”


I’m on Cranky Geeks with John Dvorak today. It was a blast to do. And, yes, Dvorak is a teddy bear.

Cranky meets cranky

I’m going to tape a Cranky Geeks with John Dvorak today. This impresses my son. CNN with Howie Kurtz? 20/20? Frontline? MSNBC? CNN? Shrug. But Cranky Geeks? Now that’s the big time! (They’re daring you to send questions for me.)

: Just found out I’ll be on aforesaid Howie’s show Sunday to talk about the Hillary attack video and PrezVid and more.

: By the way, aforesaid son has a great new design and just started a new site. Pardon the proud parenting moment. Blogging is in the genes. I inherited it from him.

Fair Game

Faith Salie has the most endearing voice on radio. Click below and listen to her on Fair Game, a new show aimed at a younger audience, and you’ll want to propose.

It’s not a voice or, for that matter, a personality we hear on public radio news shows, where the tones are stentorian and authoritative (hear: Nina Totenberg). Salie is relaxed and funny — though, as her radio bio emphasizes, she’s not dumbing down NPR stations; she’s a Rhodes scholar and Harvard graduate. I’ve been listening to her on my iPod, fascinated by the show’s attempt to liven up public radio (especially after visiting NPR last week). So I was delighted when a call came to appear on Fair Game and doubly delighted that it was to talk about my new endeavor, PrezVid.

Before I got on, they were talking about the Jesus bones, not afraid of rattling the cultural safety latch, doing a shtick about a Jesus Jurassic park with cloned Messiahs and speculating with a theology professor about how hard it will be to get Jesus DNA (Salie guesses that a communion wafer probably won’t do the trick).
It was daring without acting daring and what I liked best was that the intelligence comes out in the wit.

I wanted to video the interview but with Salie as a TV personality, that caused complications. So here’s just a snippet from the control room below. And here‘s the interview.

My TV guide

: My newfound video friends, Mary Matthews and Liza Persky of 39 Second Single, will, indeed, be on Weekend Today tomorrow (not next week as it appeared would be the case).

: UPDATE: This email from Mary: “Just as I predicted when the big news broke yesterday, due to the unfortunate passing of former stripper turned reality TV star turned diet pill pitch person Anna Nicole Smith, the highly anticipated 39 Second Single segment scheduled for tomorrow’s Today Show then changed to next week’s then changed back to tomorrow’s Today Show, has been bumped . . . .” Arrrgh.

: It looks like 20/20 is rerunning its Caught on Tape two-hour special tonight. I appeared on this but the last half of first airing was preempted by the execution of Saddam Hussein. So I was glad I could finally see the whole thing. Except I note that tonight they’ll be looking back at the life of Anna Nicole Smith. Now that’s news.

: Scheduled to be on CNN Sunday at 7:30 p.m. to talk about the YouTube campaign, presidential candidates on small TV.

: And while I’m at it, on Feb. 13, PBS Frontline starts a three-part series about the alleged war in and on news. I’ll be in the third episode on Feb. 27.