Media on media

I, too, will be on Reliable Sources at 10:30 to talk about the death of networks or some such.

: LATER: I kept harping on how CNN is a fool not to put up Howie’s show afterwards so we can watch it or find it on YouTube (for a far younger demo!) or on our blogs.

Proving the point, Ian Schwartz put up the video.

  • Bravo Jeff! Outstanding job this morning. Hard to understand why Howie and CNN fail to grasp your now ongoing suggestion to free up the CNN video. My thought is Jason should seize the moment and liberate segments or in the least clips via Netscape.

  • Great set on Reliable Sources!
    First CNN is available to noly subscribers with no advertising
    then they go full bore into ad’s
    now they offer Pipeline to subscribers, come on guys pick one and let it be advertising. Free website info to the public, rally around Jeff’s battlecry!

  • You’re right. Most of the Sunday morning shows now have at least audio online.

    CNN should put audio and video of RS and their other shows online.

    Though even better would be to kill the talking heads format (or at least just make it only a segment) and do real reported stories about media.