Media on media

Going to be on Howie Kurtz’s Reliable Sources on CNN at 10a today dishing Couric.

  • Jerry Shaw

    Your comments were well stated and true – yet I doubt if CBS was listening.

  • MaryLou Michelin

    CBS certainly didn’t read the polls reguarding CC. People are sick of her. She is much too full of herself. She constantly interrupts when interviewing. Always cuts short her co-workers. And is desperate for a man. I don’t care for her replacement either. I stopped watching Want To Be a Millionaire when she began hosting and only watched the View a couple times.

  • John

    Really, the newsreading aspect of the Evening News is so non-essential now to the American public — which can get its news from hundreds of other sources — that whatever Katie does there will barely make a ripple, except for those obsessed in chronicling every little utterance of the anchors and the story selection on each show (Media Research Center on the right and Media Matters on the left being the best-known press coverage fussbudgets).

    Where it will show up is in the coverage of major, breaking news, where Couric is now the official “face” of CBS news, and in the election night coverage, where far more people are both interested and tuning in to see what’s happening. How she works dealing with either relatively or truly unscripted situations will show whether she’s going to be the long-term replacement, or if will merely be this decade’s Connie Chung.