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Now we know blogs are cool

NBC says that Fear Factor now has a vlog, though there’s no video on it, so it’s a blog and it appears under a address. But, hey, why be picky?

Mt. Rushmore

Before going on Howie’s show today, I went to makeup and saw something new: Rather than using little sponges and pads to make me look human, they used a airbrush to gently blow me-colored powder all over my face. She explained that they’re doing this to get ready for HDTV. Or maybe she was just being nice and she thought I needed sandblasting.

CBS behind the curtains

Kudos to CBS’ Public Eye for taking a camera and mike into the CBS Evening News editorial meeting. Having sat through all too many editorial meetings in my day, I can warn you that you will not necessarily see a great show. But, of course, that’s not the point. You now get to see the show behind the show. You see sausage being made. And that is great. That is what more news organizations should do. It’s not as if everyone is going to watch this. But the point is that now you can and now they are willing to let you in. That’s progress.

Hey CBS News: Free the Stern tape

Here’s a suggestion to my friends at and 60 Minutes (you know who you are, Dick and Larry):

Take the outtakes from the very good 60 Minutes story on Howard Stern and put them online. Good on you for putting up the segment itself. But Howard’s huge audience wants more.

Howard talked this morning about asking 60 Minutes for the video to put it on his pay-per-view channel. Thanks to damned Cablevision, I don’t have that yet.

But if you took all that material — more of the Howard interview, his trip to Roosevelt, interviews with the staff, scenes from the studio and office — and put it all up in separate chunks with permalinks to each, you’d get incredible traffic. Howard said this morning that 60 Minutes on Sunday got 17.5 million viewers, up from 10ish million usually (please comment and correct those figures if they’re off). And you can bet that the age demographic took a pleasant dive that day.

So you can attract that large and young audience to if you’ll offer more of Howard. You’d also find yourself getting tons of links; you’d be in the conversation.

Now if you really wanted to be revolutionary and modern, you could take all those segments and put them up in downloadable form so people could remix their own segments on Howard. But I don’t want to push it too far. We’ll get there.

: MORE: Paul in the comments reminds us that for a higher cause and purpose, Jay Rosen also tried to push CBS to publish full interviews here.

Cheesy Broadcasting Corporation

We have three PBS stations in New York. Tonight, in pledge time, one of them has a diet show and two have cheesy violinist Andre Rieu. That is PBS’s dirty secret: They aren’t supported by high-class culture but by low-class cheese. Hey, whatever pays the bills. But why not just start the all-cheese-all-the-time channel to raise money for the real channel? Or why not just take ads? Are they really worse than Andre Rieu?