Mt. Rushmore

Before going on Howie’s show today, I went to makeup and saw something new: Rather than using little sponges and pads to make me look human, they used a airbrush to gently blow me-colored powder all over my face. She explained that they’re doing this to get ready for HDTV. Or maybe she was just being nice and she thought I needed sandblasting.

  • PSGInfinity

    The truth probably lies somewhere in between…

  • PSGInfinity

    You’re welcome, Jeff! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  • Dennis Mosher

    After quickly skimming the headline, and mention of someone you know as “Howie,” I jumped to a seemingly obvious conclusion:

    You want Howard Stern’s face to be carved into Mt. Rushmore.

    Whoops, wrong Howie. Nevermind.

  • JBK

    Whatever it was supposed to do, it didn’t work.

  • Larry Sanders

    “they used a airbrush to gently blow me” . . .

    Nice, but I prefer the old-fashioned method.