Hey CBS News: Free the Stern tape

Here’s a suggestion to my friends at CBSNews.com and 60 Minutes (you know who you are, Dick and Larry):

Take the outtakes from the very good 60 Minutes story on Howard Stern and put them online. Good on you for putting up the segment itself. But Howard’s huge audience wants more.

Howard talked this morning about asking 60 Minutes for the video to put it on his pay-per-view channel. Thanks to damned Cablevision, I don’t have that yet.

But if you took all that material — more of the Howard interview, his trip to Roosevelt, interviews with the staff, scenes from the studio and office — and put it all up in separate chunks with permalinks to each, you’d get incredible traffic. Howard said this morning that 60 Minutes on Sunday got 17.5 million viewers, up from 10ish million usually (please comment and correct those figures if they’re off). And you can bet that the age demographic took a pleasant dive that day.

So you can attract that large and young audience to CBSNews.com if you’ll offer more of Howard. You’d also find yourself getting tons of links; you’d be in the conversation.

Now if you really wanted to be revolutionary and modern, you could take all those segments and put them up in downloadable form so people could remix their own segments on Howard. But I don’t want to push it too far. We’ll get there.

: MORE: Paul in the comments reminds us that for a higher cause and purpose, Jay Rosen also tried to push CBS to publish full interviews here.

  • Louis

    I second this motion.
    I’m 34 and hadn’t watched 60 minutes in years. I would run (or the digital equivalent) to cbsnews.com to see more. Especially considering how soon the footage will be an artifact of a bygone era.

  • Paw

    Hey Jeff, how about a break from the relentless Howard Stern commercial you’ve been running in this space for weeks? We know you’re his friend/groupie and you think he’s the savior of the First Amendment and the sun sets on his ass. We get it. Move on, at least until he either proves he’s the greatest con man of the modern era or the funniest thing you’ve ever subscribed to.

    P.S. When asked by Newsweek what his lucky Sirius listeners are in store for, guess what he told them? He’s bring back old stuff that wasn’t funny years ago, like BATHROOM OLYMPICS!! All Right!!!! Now that’s 13 bucks a month entertainment!!!!

  • Ravo

    So you can attract that large and young audience to CBSNews.com if you’ll offer more of Howard.

    Yes, it’s very important to keep saturating young minds with potty humor and get as many lessons as possible out to them on how much fun one can have humiliating young women.

  • 60 Minutes will not release any unedited footage of any interview. They will not have a loss of control over what the public gets to hear.

  • Louis

    As a parent, I have control over whether or not the minds of my children are “saturated” with potty humor. As a Sirius subscriber, my personal responsibility does not change. It would be foolish of me to blame Howard Stern for what my children are exposed to.
    Also, if you’ve ever listened to the show, you’ll note that none of the women humiliated therein are forced in any way to do anything. Blaming Howard for exposing the current culture of raising weak-willed women whose identity is based on their sexuality is like blaming Marie Curie for radioactivity.

  • Ravo

    Louis, I was referring to wanting CBS news to carry the Stern piece.

    I did come across the show once. I don’t remember much other than it was base, and along the lines of Howard learing and insisting the women expose themselves in various way to “earn” plugs for something they were selling. Apparently some find sacrificing one’s sexual dignity for a gain of some sort amusing and/or titillating to watch.

    Blaming Howard for exposing

    More like exploiting and furthering it.

    Fine for those who want to indulge their sexual humiliation fetishes, but as daily public fare to all ages?

  • Ben’s Hog

    Howard lost his edge 10 years ago! I wouldn’t give a dime to listen to anything he has to say anymore. He can blame the FCC all he wants for the lack of effort he’s put in his show for the last 10 years…….he’s an old has-been!!

  • Oh, if news outlets would put *all* full interviews onto the record in this way. Using Howard to popularize the practice would be OK with me.

    Seems that the first person to complain, though, would be an interviewee expecting to get favorable treatment, expecting the editing to make them look good and eliminate potential gaffes.

  • Ethan

    people want to spend their time remixing 60 minutes segments? really? such people would really need to get a life!

  • yippie

    ethan: u r spending your time posting to the comment section of a blog, hello kettle

    Paul: didn’t read the link but you r right, 60 minutes will never let you see ohow they edit their shows to put some people in a favorable light and some in a negative, nor do they want to air good rebuttles to arguements they favor.

    bens hog: you should hear howard promote his girlfriends lame “save an animal from katrina” project. save the animals folks, save the animals. i wonder if howard realizes how pussy he sounds when he promotes that crap.

    ravo: no one interviews celebrities better than howard, no one. sure you can turn on the Today show and hear the tough “how is it being so loved?” questions, but howard will ask the shit you actually want to ask yourself.

  • I would like to see the unedited version of that Donny Deutch show that Jeff was on.

  • Nut: so would i. i forgot to report that they canceled the segment just as i was walking to the studio.

  • semi-onymous

    Howard Stern…? Oh, yeah, wasn’t he the guy who was marshaling his millions of fans to unseat George “Holy Rolling Emperor” Bush?

    How is that project going?

  • BW

    Apparently some find sacrificing one’s sexual dignity for a gain of some sort amusing and/or titillating to watch.

    Ravo, apparently some find network sitcoms amusing to watch also. But as we all know, they are mind numbing, boring, useless, uninspired and a gigantic waste of time. And when that’s over, you can go watch 2 talking heads discuss Iraq for the 5000th time. After that, go waste 20 bux seeing the latest “blockbuster.”

    Remixing 60 Minutes Howard Stern segments doesn’t sound so bad after all. It might actually get the brain cells flowing a bit.

  • Jeff,

    You want a win? You want a scalp? That’s cool. How about half a scalp? We’ve put up more of your beloved (I know not why) Howard; more unseen portions of the Bradley interview are up at: http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/i_video/main500251.shtml?channel=/elements/2005/12/07/60minutes/videoarchive1104651_1_videosection_page.shtml

    On the big issue, you’re pretty much preaching to the choir. We the Webbies of CBS News would essentially like to put up everything we could get our mitts on. I really have no theoretical objections to what you (or Rosen) are talking about. There are plenty of practical problems — some legal, copyright, financial, privacy, yada, yada, yada and yada.

    But the biggest problem is manpower. It takes forever to stream a four-hour interview. It takes forever to prepare a publishable transcript of a four-hour interview. You’ve been to our newsroom; you know we don’t have “forever.” We’re small. We try to hit the best balance of what our audience asks for, what we think they’re interested in and what we think is important, interesting or done well.

    I know you think I’m thin-skinned, but who is doing more than us, especially in the broadcast world? Between Public Eye and all the broadcast material we not put raw on CBSNews.com, I think we’re pushing hard.

    Example: later today we’re streaming today’s Evenning News lineup meeting — the editorial session where the show’s pieces are selected, debated, put in order. That will be on Public Eye. Who else among the major msm institutions is even approaching that level of transparency? How about some credit where credit is due, dude?

    OK, so maybe I’m thin-skinned. Even so, there’s more Howard up if you and yours want it. And check out the lineup meeting.

    Dick Meyer

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