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In good hands

The Obama administration has named two of the greatest brains online to its FCC review team: Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach. And there are few agencies that need review so badly. Bravo!

You’re not my mother

Blogger Knobboy gets into a proper snit over the busybody, noseybody, buttinski, self-righteous, priggish church ladies of the One Million Moms (the distaff arm of religious fanatic Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association) trying to pump up an ad boycott of Desperate Housewives.

Desperate Housewives was also Tivo’s most popular series for the week of July 24, 2005.

Yeah. No GodFearing advertiser would want a piece of that action, huh.

Howard and Bernie

I was out getting my coffee when I heard Howard Stern trying to play the clip from Donny Deutsch’s show with Bernie Goldberg attacking him. So I called in and we just gave Bernie more publicity, going down the list.

Howard, in turn, says that Bernie is giving him publicity and he bets that people who hear Bernie describing the show will tune in.

The call began with Howard wondering how the hell anyone can make a buck on blogs. He asked who a top blogger is and I screwed up and said that Glenn Reynolds gets 17 million readers — increasing his value a few times over — but corrected myself and then quoted Glenn’s ad rates and plugged Gawker and Wonkette (who should go on Howard and do something to screw up America). Howard asked whether I’m making money and I said I’m getting consulting gigs. Robin asked whether they needed to make an intervention. Not yet.

: Now conservative writer and Stern fan Debbie Schlussel is calling in to defend Bernie. The Berniacs are everywhere.

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When freedom becomes a unique selling proposition

So I was listening to Sirius yesterday and heard one of its (many) promotions for its comedy channels and their pitch was that it’s “radio that’s cool, without the FCC rules.”