Howard and Bernie

I was out getting my coffee when I heard Howard Stern trying to play the clip from Donny Deutsch’s show with Bernie Goldberg attacking him. So I called in and we just gave Bernie more publicity, going down the list.

Howard, in turn, says that Bernie is giving him publicity and he bets that people who hear Bernie describing the show will tune in.

The call began with Howard wondering how the hell anyone can make a buck on blogs. He asked who a top blogger is and I screwed up and said that Glenn Reynolds gets 17 million readers — increasing his value a few times over — but corrected myself and then quoted Glenn’s ad rates and plugged Gawker and Wonkette (who should go on Howard and do something to screw up America). Howard asked whether I’m making money and I said I’m getting consulting gigs. Robin asked whether they needed to make an intervention. Not yet.

: Now conservative writer and Stern fan Debbie Schlussel is calling in to defend Bernie. The Berniacs are everywhere.

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  • aaargh! No, not Wonkette!!

  • By the show and by Bernie, too, Duneview.

  • kl

    Based on their blogs, I doubt Gawker and Wonkette would have anything interesting to say to Stern, but at least he'd get them to take off their tops.

  • Good segment, but I don’t understand why this guy Goldberg is getting so much media coverage for a pretty lame list book.

  • There are those who lean right but believe in free speech…and are fans of Howard Stern. I’m not sure where Stern fits into Goldberg’s thesis of liberal bias, unless he is delving into the nation’s sense of morality…I have to admit, I have not read his book and I’m not sure I will since there’s already many such books out there on the issue.

  • Right of Center

    Howard Stern? You like him? Ugh…Have you read any of his book jackets? The guy can’t write. And don’t get me started on Glenn Reyonalds I once read a book jacket (or was it a bill board?) which mentioned his name. Who spells Glen with two “n’s” ????

  • SteveMG

    This is bizarre.

    I, like I think many posters here, couldn’t give a flying fig about Bernie Goldberg or his book or the Donnie Deutsch (however it’s spelled) Show. Sound and fury signifying squat. CNBC squat, too.

    But Goldberg got treated pretty shabily; although he compounded things with his petulant response. That’s what posters – not all Bernieac right wingers – are saying. Nothing more, nothing less.

    But Jeff’s obsession with this is pretty strange. Very strange. Extremely strange.

    The more you write about this Jeff, the smaller you get.


  • whodat

    Agreed SMG. And Jeff has yet to acknowledge any wrongdoing in all of it. He’s not only a poor journalist, he lacks integrity. Pretty sad. How can he be so arrogant?

  • Bob Axles

    I agree with smg also. The more you write about this the more you belittle yourself. You continue to blame conservatives and right wing radicals for everything involved here. I am an independant who just wants to see people act with a little class and dignity. Jeff, you are lacking both since this whole sorry episode started. You are just coming off as arragant and narrow minded.

  • Duneview

    Looks like this Deutsch panel thing is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Nice try Jeff, but when you wrote “You are a predictable bunch,” you tipped your mitt.

    Reframing the discussion of your panel appearance as Berniacs vs. just us normal folks begs the question. Goldberg could be mad as a loon and may have, in fact, written a dopey book, but that doesn’t mitigate Deutsch’s fundamental dishonesty on the show, first, by setting up an ambush and then by deftly editing it to make Goldberg look bad and by some accounts, Donny look good. The panelists’ admission about not reading the book speaks for itself.

    The issue here is one that you write about often – trust. After that show, I’ll have trouble trusting Donny Deutsch and by extension his company’s advertising. The Fish Stinks From The Head.

    First, some implicit approval from the media gang at Michael’s and now, instead of just worshiping at Howard’s altar, an audience with His Holiness, Himself. You must be giddy.

    But you were used.

  • Howard, in turn, says that Bernie is giving him publicity and he bets that people who hear Bernie describing the show will tune in.

    Um, people hearing Bernie describing the show will have already been tuned in. Which show – DD’s debacle or Stern’s? Am I missing something? Or, is it that after Bernie leaves and recalls his stint on Stern’s show that new listeners will be borne to worship Stern’s porn? That I doubt because of the respective receptive demographic of each “star”. Nonetheless, promoting that view might help Stern in his perpetual self-promotion and desire to sell more ads to potential clients that would believe the pitch.

    At any rate, God him/her/itself could attend a Stern show and I wouldn’t listen. Oops, I said “Stern”. That means more publicity. Oops, I did it again.

  • mili

    Your continued preoccupation only serves to make you look increasingly less stable.

    You seem to think that by proving Bernie is a loon, you exonerate yourself from your own bad behavior.

    It won’t work. I don’t care if you supply videotape of Bernie kicking puppies & a birth certificate proving that he is indeed the spawn of Satan. It still won’t justify your own actions.

    Ideally, you should apologize. At the very least, try to control yourself & step back from commenting on all things Bernie. It veered past pathetic a good 3 posts ago.

  • whodat

    wow jeff–you just keep reloading the gun for people. So now you were also used by Bernie? I’m failing to see the logic of how:

    -you going on a show with 4 other panelists who want to gang up on him
    -with preconceived opinion on his book
    -that you never read
    -and then verbally took him to task for his “unjournalism”

    indicates that Bernie used you?

    If there are indeed a group of “Berniacs”, you have no one but you and that panel to thank for their creation.

    Are you going to defend/explain yourself on all the other charges by the comments on this topic or just slide in a snide comment when it appeases you?

  • At first I rolled my eyes at another Bernie post. However, I can hardly critize Jeff since a) I’ve now read the whole thing and, b) posted a post. I wouldn’t want to be like those folks who listen daily to Howard Stern, then complain about his lack or morality.

  • In this connection, I’d like to point out that Howard Stern is Paris Hilton’s daddy, so he’s the only guy who’s on Bernie’s list twice.

    Bernie has Michael Moore at number 1, and it’s certainly hard to argue with that. That being the case, and Bernie’s defenders being “Berniacs”, I think it’s fair to label Bernie’s attackers “Moore-ons.”

  • ive gotta say that i am surprised that you keep focusing so much attention to this idiotic book while you apparently (still) find nothing interesting in the fact that the bush administration lied about its reasons to go to war and tried to smear a respected former ambassador by outting his cia wife by using the press as its puppet.

    call me crazy but when i think of the buzzmachine i expect a few more pixels in that direction than this one, being that one is a silly book and the other is serious business where a journalist is in jail and the whitehouse is up against the ropes.

    we both are fans of stern and maybe you find appeal simply in his interviews with crackheads and strippers, but i also like it when he switches gears and goes off on the serious issues of the day, regardless of which segment of his audience he will piss off. for example i dont know of one major tv or radio personality who supported so many republican politicians, and then as the nation was headed towards voting for bush, stern rallied against him, only to gain more popularity and higher ratings.

    years from now this book will be a forgotten, but whats happening in washington and to our press right now is the story of the day and the buzzmachines perspective is unique and ideal for it. and i eagerly await the day that your focus is off that re-re-retard, the right’s best and current distraction, and back to 9/11 and how this government criminally and morally used it to fulfill its own hidden agendas.


  • Tony: Hilarious parody of a sterotypical liberal moonbat! Great work man, I literally blew soda through my nostrils towards the end of that first paragraph. :)

  • Good one, BillB.

    Speaking of 9/11, Captain’s Quarters and Melanie Philips have some interesting posts up today on the Al Qaeda terrorist recently convicted in India of plotting to bomb the British Parliament on 9/11.

  • Gunther

    RB; Great joke! Really! I mean, “Moore-ons!” So original and urbane. Who could have come up with that, except perhaps every 8-year old out there?

    I propose that there be a moratorium on the use of the phrase “berniac”. People who are fans of Bernard Goldberg shouldn’t be called “berniacs”. There are plenty of alternative terms that would be more appropriate, such as “idiots”, “liars”, or “fools”.

    BillB; It’s sad that you are too mentally deficient to read and swallow liquids at the same time. I’m seriously troubled by your story. My heart goes out to “challenged” individuals such as yourself. I earnestly hope that you get the care that you will need in order to become a functioning member of society.

  • John

    Has anyone ever blogged while having hot lesbo sex at the same time? I think Howard could have another thing he can claim to have invented if he can get Gawker and Wonkette to do the dirty nasty on his show with a couple of wifi keyboards next to them — heck, it might even be worthy of a mention in Bernie’s next book…

  • Since when is lesbo sex “hot”? In reality, it involves a lot of bathing, patchouli candles, and Joan Baez records.

    But you raise an interesting point about Stern: he spends several hours a day with prostitutes, yet he never samples the merchandise. What sort of a man can do that?

  • Mike Quinlivan

    Why do you people assume Jeff even cares what you think? By mentioning Goldberg over and over, he’ll get morons to come to his site, enlarge his hit count, and basically generate more traffic. And by the way, how can so many people get their panties in a twist about some ass on a TV show anyways? Genocide in Daufur? Yawn. North Korea has nukes? Whatever. Bernie Goldberg, who claims he is non-partisan, is “outnumbered by liberals (although no one really proclaimed their political affiliation on the broadcast), and ganged up on!” My dear, the sky is falling! To the keyboards fellow citizens; this smear will not stand!

  • margaret

    Jeff, you said in an earlier post:

    “I thought it was right neighborly of me to give you a post on this side of the design wall so you could keep the cult meeting going.”

    Yes, thank you! But please understand that it is a cult of those of us, many regular readers of your blog, who just can’t stop watching this train wreck. . .

  • sh

    Yep, Jeff – I used to think you were more on the up and up. The gang attack just got you de-linked in my bookmarks. I know, big deal, it’s only one person. That’s what they all say.

  • Tractarian

    Why is it that people feel compelled to comment on topics just to say “nobody cares about this”? Just read it, ignore it, move on. Or better yet, do something productive.

    Me, I’m glad people like Jeff exist to piss off both the “Bernaics” and the “Moore-ons” of this world.

    (And I wouldn’t have read the damn book either.)

    Oh, and Jeff, I just added you to my bookmarks. So with me and SH you broke even today!

  • Jarvis is a force of nature, so even when he's wrong you can't ignore him. Especially when he's wrong, actually.

  • Right of Center

    "(And I wouldn’t have read the damn book either.)"

    Not the germane question. Would you have NOT read the book, gone on TV to attack it (having not read it) and then gone on your blog to express shock and amazement that anyone would be disturbed by this? Then after pressure, you stop trying to discuss it in any real way and further debase yourself by simply calling your critics names like "Berniacs". Oh, and *after* you started all this by moaning about how the media is so full of emptiness and un-news?

    Would you do all that too Tractarian?

  • Right of Center

    p.s. Very "Dell-like" behavior, no?

  • David R. Block

    Bernie's list of 100 is his opinion. Says so in the introduction to the book, and in various other places as well. It's dang near the same as putting 100 posts on a blog doing the same thing, except it is in book form (and that results in more $ for Bernie). Can't say that I fault him for trying to earn money.

    So it's now a sin to publish a book containing one's opinion? Whatever happened to free speech??

    Oh yeah "Free speech for me, but not for thee." I forgot.