You’re not my mother

Blogger Knobboy gets into a proper snit over the busybody, noseybody, buttinski, self-righteous, priggish church ladies of the One Million Moms (the distaff arm of religious fanatic Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association) trying to pump up an ad boycott of Desperate Housewives.

Desperate Housewives was also Tivo’s most popular series for the week of July 24, 2005.

Yeah. No GodFearing advertiser would want a piece of that action, huh.

  • Right of Center

    Odd since that show seems to be to have the most clear-cut conservative social values on TV.

  • Chancy

    Jeff This comment has nothing to do with your post but I did not see an email address on your blog for contact.

    In the August issue of "Reader's Digest" you are quoted several times and Buzzmachine is mentioned in an article about technology and blogs etc.



  • Dmac

    That should work out as well for them as the protests did during the early days of NYPD Blue. Of course, the attendant publicity that came with that boycott had absolutely nothing to do with that show's early and continued success…

  • And that goes double for the Million Moms March!

  • whodat

    "busybody, noseybody, buttinski, self-righteous, priggish church ladies of the One Million Moms…"

    So? It's their prerogative to do that. It's American; it's beautiful. Jeff, what you call prigs or religious fanatics is just your shallow label. A label for you would be "carnal Christian". Are you labeling him because he got a lot of advertisers to leave the Stern show? What makes him a "fanatic"? Your standards?

  • tony

    I agree with whodat.

  • billg

    He's a fanatic because he's not trying to persuade people to stop watching "Housewives". He's so convinced his way is the only way that he's not willing to give the rest of us the option of deciding for ourselves. He wants to take that away from us beccause he believes he has a direct line to God. Someone who believes so blindly in something that he is willing to force others to behave according to his will sure seems like a fanatic to me.

    Couple that with all those Republicans who've sold their toady little souls to these people and you have a real threat to democracy.

  • whodat

    Are they trying to dissuade viewers or advertisers? Even if the former, again I say so what? Are you the judge of what is decent over the airwaves? Do you think they would make this stand if it was a pay cable show? Yes, parents should watch their kids. But unfortunately, some kids are in single-parent homes and their sole provider works–sometimes odd hours–like when DH is on. Wildmon called it "a television show that promotes prostitution, adult-teen sexual relations, infidelity, deception, seduction, adultery, promiscuity [and] sadomasochism." I don't see their campaign as anything close to fanatic. I think most people are numb and desensitized to what is on TV.

    He doesn't claim to have "a direct line" and isn't "forcing" anything. He doesn't believe "blindly". Make a better argument based on something other than "they don't want me to watch". That doesn't make anyone a fanatic.

  • Whodat,

    What contact have you had with the onemillionmoms group? I'm on their mailing list so I can keep tabs on them. Their tool is not gentle persuasion, it is outright coercion. They will do the right thing, no matter who it hurts.

    To be blunt about it, Onemillionmoms is nothing less than an American Taliban, only without the sense of justice and proportion. They are jihadists in pantyhose.

  • Stephen_M

    “busybody, noseybody, buttinski, self-righteous, priggish church ladies” That's the way the cool-kid upperclassmen in Jeff's high-school said it back during the People's Revolution. Haven't you heard? The busybody, noseybody, buttinski, self-righteous, priggish church ladies HAVE DRIVEN HOWARD STERN FROM THE AIRWAVES! A half-billion dollar contract does not erase the INJUSTICE! And whodat, I'm sure Jeff believes that prigs or religious fanatics are entitled to their views. But to promulgate them? To become activist about conservative values? That's an abomination. Activism is a progressive prerogative. It's in the unwritten, unacknowledged, yet widely known Lefty Boomer Catechism. You know – Republicans are assumed to have only missionary sex, badly and not often. If any Republican breaks that mold the Lefty Boomer Catechism says, “Denounce them as hypocrites.” Without exception: When Democrats dissent from the majority they are progressive and patriotic. Without exception: When Republicans dissent from the status quo they are regressive, repressive, theocrats.

  • Maybe you’d prefer these people to strap bombs on their bodies and start blowing tv executives up? I can hardly think of a more appropriate and amical way to voice one’s convictions than to try to self-organize a protest boycott. Think big picture here Jeff — this is the way religious conviction *should* be manifest. If they want to boycott and try to persuade others to boycott, what should you or I care? You frequently pump the show on your blog — don’t they deserve the same right? Don’t let me down bro.

  • Jim S

    whodat, of course they’d make the same stand if it were cable, even premium cable. In case you didn’t notice, one of their allies in God’s Own Party was making noises about doing just that a few months ago. It was Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska in case you’re wondering.

  • whodat

    I love ya Stephen M–you said it much better than I could have.

    "They will do the right thing, no matter who it hurts."

    Who are they hurting?