In good hands

The Obama administration has named two of the greatest brains online to its FCC review team: Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach. And there are few agencies that need review so badly. Bravo!

  • President Barack Obama

    WOW “obama administration” I guess someone finally clued him in to who won the election…about fffffing time.

    Why does one get the feeling that the blog daddy is praising the Obama administration only because Lady Macbeth might become the next SoS…

    One of the minor great things about the Obama win is that it seems to have finally muzzled Jeffrey from concern trolling the Dems efforts…

  • President Barack Obama
    >July 3oth…
    >Inside, according to a witness, he told the House members, “This is the
    > moment . . . that the world is waiting for,” adding: “I have become a
    > symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

    The genuine celebration that you saw across the country and the world gave proof that his words were not that far off…

    >And you thought Bill Clinton had a big ego?
    >He could still lose this and hubris could lose it for him.

    Look back on your words from a few months ago and see how silly your rantings are when it comes to politics. Stay in your cave anytime you feel like doing more concern trolling lecturing the Dems on where they might be going wrong.

    Ohh by the way…you should have posted an entry with the title


    around 11:00 PM EST on November 4th…now now when two academics are named to a review team.

  • invitedmedia

    i thoroughly enjoyed reading mr. jarvis’ “hubris” writings.

    having witnessed it firsthand early in the the campaign and being in grant park last tuesday evening, i share jeff’s observations (although i disagreed that this would bring defeat).

    o also campaigned against the politics of fear offered up so often by the ‘other side’… anyone else see that playing itself out in today’s economic collapse?

  • President Barack Obama

    >i thoroughly enjoyed reading mr. jarvis’ “hubris” writings

    I think we have a case of mistaken ” “….I think you meant to say:

    i thoroughly enjoyed reading mr. jarvis’ hubris writings

    Which I believe could be used on the back cover of jeffrey’s book…

  • invitedmedia

    whatever you say, o.

    how come the secret service won’t let me drive down your street anymore?