The CBS interview

Here’s the embeddable version of my CBS interview. A friend suggests I should loop Katie saying “Buzzmachine.”

  • Free Speech!!! Hoo boy!!! Too dangerous… to those at CBS at least….

    “Your majesty… your majesty. The people are revolting!”
    “Revolting… I think they’re disgusting!”

  • Ah, that was just brilliant. Perfect. Very nice job, Jeff!

  • i agree completely. A boffo performance, Jeff.

    Of course you can’t expect to draw extremely difficult or intelligent questions from CBS News.

  • Dude, you are never, ever, ever again going to be on TV.

    How dare you be so logical, practical, and uncontroversial. And how dare you not presume to speak for all 70 million bloggers? That was not what we expect from our “talent”. We want hate. We want controversy. If you can;t be extremist,a larmist, illogical and nutty, that is it, you are iout.

    Actually, I am not sure that is sarcasem :)

    Nice work. You were so logical, one wonders if it can kill this whole silly, sorry story.

  • Mike NYC

    Nice interview. Most of the questions were interesting, and Jeff, of course, answered them smartly.

    I’ve haven’t been following this issue much, but I’m confused by everyone’s sarcasm here. Though I COMPLETELY agree with Jeff on the answers to the questions posed, I still think they were good questions to ask. It is ironic that the YouTube commenters on the Imus issue are even more racist that Imus himself. I don’t think those comments should be censored, but I don’t think CBS is making up a story by pointing this out.

    I’m sorry it didn’t make it onto the evening newscast (it still is only 22 minutes, right?), but I’m glad CBS published it online.

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  • Nice job Jeff, he asked you the same question over and over….

  • Logic: Try some today.

    Nice work, Jeff.

  • Roy

    Brilliant, Jeff. Grammar aside, once you try to regulate language, you regulate humanity and damn it to hell.

  • Joseph F Dunphy

    As is often the case, the interview subject is far better than the interviewer. In fact, the interviewer seems to be asking questions that are anti-democratic–there is an urge to regulate bloggers who criticized Imus–and thus upset some commercial interests that affected Viacom/CBS/CBS radio, which happened to be in bed also with GE/NBC/MS-NBC-TV. If it were up to me, I would have cut out the interviewer altogether, and just lead off with a question on the newscrawl, asking the interviewee what he though about the Don Imus controversy, and let him provide his point of view. The interviewee was clearly an expert; having an inexperienced interviewer sit there and ask stupid, self-interested questions that barely conceal the CBS network agenda, is worse than a waste of time–it is a continued abuse of the public trust and airwaves. Remember, CBS radio hired Imus to insult people–the contract reflects CBS’s corporate policy–something the “reporter”/shill did not touch on.
    The interview misses the point entirely. The entity that needs regulation is CBS and the major communications conglomerates. It is clear that the media giants are annoyed that they do not own the copyrights to salable material, and would like the regulators to do them a favor and hand it over to the publishing giants, and, by the way, give the networks the “right” to censor their critics. This style of fascism should have vanished with the defeat of Mussolini and Hitler; but the urge to run things like a bananna republic looms large at CBS and its fellow-travellers in the corporate media. One reason why one writes on corporate media websites at one’s peril.