Cranky meets cranky

I’m going to tape a Cranky Geeks with John Dvorak today. This impresses my son. CNN with Howie Kurtz? 20/20? Frontline? MSNBC? CNN? Shrug. But Cranky Geeks? Now that’s the big time! (They’re daring you to send questions for me.)

: Just found out I’ll be on aforesaid Howie’s show Sunday to talk about the Hillary attack video and PrezVid and more.

: By the way, aforesaid son has a great new design and just started a new site. Pardon the proud parenting moment. Blogging is in the genes. I inherited it from him.

  • Okay, I clicked the Cranky Geeks link referring to questions for you, and it sent me back HERE… You can use or not use this question as you like…

    1) Do you consider the Hillary attack vid to be a harbinger of a new paradigm of campaign interactivity? Specifically – here’s a person with not only the technical savvy to put together a totally professional, high-quality piece – but with the historic perspective to use the leitmotif that helped keep Apple a viable company for years: think different. Obviously this person has a MIND. The question is, will it encourage others with both the tech smarts and the historical savvy to put their own efforts into influencing things further? Was their use of the Apple imagry theft, or flattery, or allegory?

  • Glad *you* wrrote this headline, Jeff :)

  • Unlike Tansley I was not redirected. On the other hand, the page didn’t fully load. So you’re getting my questions here anyway.

    Mr. Dvorak…

    Was the decision to put the vowels under the left hand deliberate, or because every other space on the keyboard was … what?

    How long do you give the lever before people tire of it and go back to brute strength to lift things?

    How bad a failure was fire?

    If code was poetry — as the WordPress people insist — how much shorter would the coding for Windows Vista be?