Fair Game

Faith Salie has the most endearing voice on radio. Click below and listen to her on Fair Game, a new show aimed at a younger audience, and you’ll want to propose.

It’s not a voice or, for that matter, a personality we hear on public radio news shows, where the tones are stentorian and authoritative (hear: Nina Totenberg). Salie is relaxed and funny — though, as her radio bio emphasizes, she’s not dumbing down NPR stations; she’s a Rhodes scholar and Harvard graduate. I’ve been listening to her on my iPod, fascinated by the show’s attempt to liven up public radio (especially after visiting NPR last week). So I was delighted when a call came to appear on Fair Game and doubly delighted that it was to talk about my new endeavor, PrezVid.

Before I got on, they were talking about the Jesus bones, not afraid of rattling the cultural safety latch, doing a shtick about a Jesus Jurassic park with cloned Messiahs and speculating with a theology professor about how hard it will be to get Jesus DNA (Salie guesses that a communion wafer probably won’t do the trick).
It was daring without acting daring and what I liked best was that the intelligence comes out in the wit.

I wanted to video the interview but with Salie as a TV personality, that caused complications. So here’s just a snippet from the control room below. And here‘s the interview.

  • Faith does indeed have a voice that could melt testosterone. Thanks for sharing the interview.

    For one, I’m excited about this campaign moving beyond the pretence of offering up perfection. Now that we’re living in a post-YouTube world, we’re forced to confront the fact that we’re dealing with real people. How cool is that?

  • I absolutely love this show. I think its a perfectly simple direction for new pilots to be going. One qualm: her giggles, they’re too much and too often. I think with time she’ll get over the nervous laugh and produce some more genuine moments (ala, Ira Glass’ growth as a host.)

  • Nice work. It’s great to see you rolling things out left and right : )

  • Rob

    It was daring without acting daring and what I liked best was that the intelligence comes out in the wit.

    No, real daring would have been to make the same jokes about Mohammed.

  • Ayal Rosenthal

    Great insight and you’re absolutely right Faith Salie does have an endearing voice.

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