TV everywhere

Friend Scott Anderson of Tribune Co. describes how their Ft. Lauderdale paper covered the iPhone story — not quite with the lightness of foot and equipment of the lifecasters I wrote about this weekend — hat-on-camera, Viao-in-purse broadcasting — but still, small for big media. The moral to the story is the same:

Live trucks? Microwave relays? Don’t need ’em. Starbucks or another hot spot? Don’t need ’em, either. And ultimately cell phones will be so good at video that’s all you’ll need for a live feed, period. But for now, we plan to keep using goodies like the GoStream, SlingBox, etc., to not only go head-to-head with local broadcasters, but to blow past them. Nobody has more local reporting feet on the street than newspapers. And we’re buying lots and lots of them video cameras.

Whenever I am with local TV execs, they grumble that newspapers are doing video like crazy. Yup. And the people formerly known as the audience, too.