On the other hand

Nick Douglas complains at Valleywag:

Remember when all you had to worry about on Facebook was some awkward acquaintance adding you on Facebook too soon? (You know, like they talked to you at lunch once and instantly wanted to be your friend?) Maybe sometimes you got invited to the “Two and a Half Men is TV’s Greatest Show” group? But now I’m getting bombarded with crap like “Jim-bob wants to share movies with you” and “Janiqua wants to share secrets.” No, I don’t want “free gifts.” No, I don’t want to be a zombie. No, iDon’tLike. So stop spamming me every time you get an app. (Unless it’s that rocking graffiti wall.)

Right. Letting the world in won’t ruin Facebook (because we still see only a small part of that world). Opening up Facebook to apps will only help it. But apps that spam us? Stop! Please! If I told you once, I told you a hundred times, I don’t want to share bookshelves with you.

  • Paw

    Sorry, Jeff, you can’t have it both ways in your world. All or nothing, baby. Good with the bad with the ugly. That’s what you get when “we the people” run the show, especially with no specific entry key to the kingdom(ie., a .edu suffix on your e-mail). You get people who want to share their bookshelves with you.

  • Frankly, this has just about ruined Facebook for me. It used to be very useful to get the Notes on the home page. It was another way to keep up with blog posts and so forth. Now, it’s mostly “So and so added such and such application.” Who the hell cares? And there doesn’t seem to be any way to alter to settings to get less of that, because those notifications are treated like any other “note.”

  • I think those settings will change. When the feeds were first introduced they felt just as cumbersome, and a lot of people complained about it. I predict that facebook will unveil better personalization settings to keep everyone happy, but they’ll do it quietly so app makers don’t feel that they’re losing publicity.