One-man bands

Roy Greenslade writes about a newspaper put out by one journalist. I’d say that’s nothing new. In my first job in the business back in 1972 (I was a mere nipper, in diapers understand), I was the only guy behind the Addison Herald-Register. Now it’s a bit different because there was some content shared with the other local papers and, of course, I couldn’t produce the thing myself; there were no computers (gawd, I feel old). But still, community weeklies have long been put out on the barest of staff. That is why they depended on citizen content of a sort: they retyped a bunch of press releases and ran really long letters.

Today, if they’d take advantage of the public’s ability to publish and eagerness to share a la Bakersfield’s Northwest Voice, they’d have more and better and more local content for less effort.