Nice house. Glass, is it?

I find it amusing that in the Washington Post, Frank Ahrens registers another complaint about blogs spreading misinformation even as The Post and almost all of big media are trying to get over the hangover of spreading misinformation in West Virginia. And what Ahrens is complaining about — that Wal-Mart made some offensive links among DVD pitches — wasn’t misinformation so much as misinterpretation and this anti-Wal-Mart site carries the comany’s side.

Can we just stipulate that lots of big media guys don’t like blogs? And we can stipulate that lots of bloggers don’t like big media. We know it already. Having established that, now what?

  • Angelos

    I initially bought the company’s side, as I understand the technology a bit, but then I read that this was discovered in October.

    It took them 3 months to not fix it?

  • We should also stipulate that both are capable of spreading misinformation.

  • Absolutely, Michael, that’s precisely the point: We’re all human.

  • Soldier’s Dad

    The Washington Post left out the part about what happens when the kook with the sign ends up being the owner of the Washington Post or NY Times, or worse yet, the wife of the Chairman of CNN.

  • …but if misinformation leading to misinterpretation is being too regular, you know, like, “hey it’s alright, no problem, that happens all the time”, I think someone should do something about it.

  • penny

    ….but then I read that this was discovered in October.

    Where did you read that, Angelos? Here’s a link to correct that misconception.

    Wal-Mart said it was alerted to the problem Thursday after word began spreading among bloggers.

  • Remember that many newspaper people view blogs and the Internet in general as competing media. It’s like someone from Wal-Mart writing about K-Mart.

    In the boxing biz, the twin decline of both newspapers and boxing has led to many talented, veteran boxing writers being let go. Many of the remaining staffers also write for boxing web sites. But I am perhaps the only one in the Boxing Writers Association of America to have a regularly updated blog.

  • I commented at some blogs which ran the Wal-Mart story that we don’t know what caused it and there are lots of possibilities.

    Frank Ahrens acts as if Wal-Mart declaring it was a “mapping” problem is a clear and conclusive explanation.

  • Matth

    What you’re saying sounds to me like: “Whenever Big Media gets a story wrong, I will complain bitterly about it, but Big Media must not complain when bloggers make mistakes or spread misinformation.”

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