Who needs cheese when you want pepperoni?

I don’t like hospital shows since I’m always afraid they’re going to make a kid sick for ratings. So I never bothered to watch Gray’s Anatomy. Apparently, I wasn’t alone, since tonight, ABC gave us a one-hour episode that summarizes everything that has happened so far (following a similar Cliff’s Notes for Desperate Housewives). What’s fascinating is how this works without all the drawn-out drama and pathos, just the good bits, remixed.

  • My wife watches Grey’s Anatomy (via DVR), so I’d seen perhaps two episodes. I’m amazed how such a “highlights” reel filled in every blank spot I have in the story line. Episodic dramas should offer a “catch-up” version of their shows on iTunes. I was impressed with how the short-attention span version of this series not only closed the gap on the plot, but provided a decent understanding of the characters and the show’s humor. (But isn’t the whole series merely a remix of ER?)

  • Jimmy

    Rex, no Grey’s Anatomy is not a remix of ER. It is much more smartly written and focuses more on the human drama of the interns and doctors, less on the medical lingo, but I’m a fan so I’m biased.

    As for the drama and pathos, isn’t that the whole reason to watch a television series like this? If not, why bother?

  • Rex,

    Battlestar Galactica did, in fact, just offer a “catch-up”/behind the scenes episode for free download on iTunes.

  • Actually, I thought that “catch up” shows were reserved for hits. I know Lost is having a catch up episode prior to this week’s (finally!) new episode. If the show wasn’t any good, or if no one was watching to begin with, the networks wouldn’t bother.

    I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy (though I’ve heard good things). I’m a sucker for House, though. Hugh Laurie’s a great actor, and it’s wickedly funny, if sometimes uncomfortable and occasionally formulaic.

  • Mark

    Funny…I’m not usually a big fan of medical shows either, although as a kid I used to watch Marcus Welby, M.D. I think I harbored secret fantasies about Elena Verdugo.

    Odd then that the only three shows I seem to have grown attached to in the past year are Grey’s Anatomy, House, and Nip/Tuck.

  • Your post caught my eye because I’m in exactly the same situation — I was just saying to my wife last night how much I enjoyed the recap episode, because it was a show I’ve been meaning to watch more regularly but never got around to actually seeing. A great idea.

  • kittenpie

    I’ve been enjoying the voice of the show – each has a sort of “theme” to it, and the main character comments in a slightly wry manner on how things went that day for her and others and what she is thinking about. I like the characters, and how Sandra Oh’s for example, much like Dr. House, is given opportunities to have the sweet, she’s-not-so-miserable-after-all moments, but never takes them, remaining very much herself. I love that they don’t take the Hallmark redemptive moment which so many shows love to do.

  • Dan

    I think the idea behind Grey’s remix is not that no one watches it, but that people started watching it later in the season. (My wife loves it, so I watch it…it’s not bad). This gives everyone a little refresher before the 2nd half of the season starts. Not a bad idea (for some) but it just seems like they are cheap way to get another ‘new’ episode. Ideally they would distribute this –for free– on iTunes and run only new shows. Come to think about it, every show should have a cliff notes version (updated every 5 episodes) on itunes for free. I am sure that there are a lot of people who would like to start shows, but get lost with the back-story.