The last presses, redux

I’m now working on a Media Guardian column loosely based on my post below, The last presses. Please do continue commenting there; the discussion is quite helpful.

  • matt c


  • That would make a good first chapter of a book. Maybe we readers can all pitch in and get you some bold coffee and a well oiled Selectric.

    In sad news:

    An Iranian military cargo plane filled with local journalists crashed into an apartment building in the capital city of Tehran Tuesday afternoon, killing at least 118 people, according to state news agencies.

    I can’t imagine the Iranian government is too distraught about this. It was in an American military plane (weird) so we’ll be taking the blame I imagine.

    Here’s a picture of what they were in I’m not aviation expert but the reports of the tail section exploding in mid air seems a little strange considering the lack of engines at the back.