Al Gore’s Current.TV launches today, so I go to the home page and what do I see but a big promo on… Deepak Chopra. Oh, gawd, so this is like the worst of PBS pledge time. Can Yanni be far behind?

  • Mike G

    Yeah, what is with Deepak Chopra suddenly being the voice of the Democratic Party? (I thought it was supposed to be Garrison Keillor.) He's all over the Huff Pest, it's like if Scientology crap started turning up all over the right wing. At least when the right goes gaga for a cult leader, it's Friedrich Hayek or somebody.

    I really like the dotcom era type/look of the site, too. See… it's DIGITAL! Everything is better when it's DIGITAL! Because our founder invented DIGITAL communication! The Democratic Party, the of 2005.

  • They should put on Deepak's brother, Tupac.

  • "I am Al Gore… and I'd like to invite you on a cosmic journey beyond mind and space in… THE SOUNDS OF YANNI."

    Run, children, run for you lives!! ;-P

  • penny

    Check out their pathetic blog which, of course, does not enable comments.

    There is a God because there was no President Gore.

  • Faramin

    There is a God because there was no President Gore.

    Yeah, and that "god" was the Supreme Court of the United States.

  • penny

    Whatever form He took was ok by me.

  • penny

    Here's a laugh. How pathetic is this?

    One of the Al Gore's producers/reporters is set to open a Kama Sutra bar in NYC.

    How can anyone take these moonbats on a mission seriously?

  • I'm concerned that Current's priorities are too set on marketing, not revolutionizing TV news. Here's my experience with them, thus far.

  • We're blogging the launch! Check it out here:

  • John

    This channel really has the potential to be to digital cable what the Huffington Post is to the blog world…

  • Gotham is Deeppocket’s son.

    The most offputting thing about it is the lame revolving taglines.

  • Sounds to me like Al Gore being Al Gore. Is his Campaign Y2K wardrobe advisor going to flog her book here as well?

  • Scott

    I am not a follower of Deepak Chopra.
    Why is it necessary to bust him open though?
    Not fascist enough for you?

    I stopped coming to this blog because it’s
    just full of serious creeps.

    Rise for the flag salute!

  • Mike G

    Rick Reilly’s Who’s Your Caddy has an hilarious takedown of the pretentious Mr. Chopra’s utter meaninglessness, as even his inner calm collapses in the face of a little white ball.

  • Three points to Scott for being the first one in the thread to use the word “fascist.’

    What a fascist.

    I only get two points for that one, by the way.

    I stopped coming to this blog because it’s just full of serious creeps.

    Irony, thy name is Scott. Fascist.