Ding dong

So Saudi King Fahd is dead. I’ll be eager to see who the White House sends to that funeral. Hope it’s the gardener.

Note this from the AP report:

The portly, goateed Fahd inadvertently helped fuel the rise of Islamic extremism by making concessions to hard-liners in an effort to boost his Islamic credentials. But he also brought the kingdom closer to the United States and agreed to a step that enraged many conservatives: basing U.S. troops on Saudi soil after the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

What an odd bit of writing that is: First, how do we know he “inadvertently” helped fuel the rise of Islamic extremism? Second, what an odd segue from People-magazinish adjectives — “portly, goateed” — into the tipping point for the clash of civilizations.

  • Mike G

    No, I hope it's the black woman secretary of state.

  • The piece is poorly written, but “inadvertent” isn’t a bad word choice. The Al-Saud didn’t set out to create a monster that would attempt to destroy them, after all.

    Nor did the US, in arming the mujahideen, set out to create Usama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda.

    The law of unintended consequnces has big teeth.

    BTW, I’m betting Cheney will go for the funeral. He and Fahd had a long relationship, starting back under Reagan. Fahd joked with him when Cheney last visited in 2002.

  • “Fahd joked with him when Cheney last visited in 2002. ”

    I dunno about that. Exactly how long he’s been a vegetable is a matter of some dispute, but I’m pretty sure 2002 is well past the sell-by date.

  • The gardener! Hey , I laughed out loud.

  • jw2501

    I think George Bush should go with his family. They after all had the biggest relationship with Faud and the Bin Laden family. They have been in the oil buisness with them since the 1930’s.