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Davos07: Chad Hurley on YouTube… on YouTube

Here’s Chad Hurley, founder of YouTube, in a session on — cough — user-generated content (see my post below) at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He talks about what YouTube is doing on copyright, installing the means to find violations and to help holders earn money (I think of this as ringtones gone mad… the fees to license just wedding-video music would be huge). He also says that he does intend to share money with video producers; he says he did not do that at first because he wanted to build a community of people who wanted to be there to be there and who would not just leave to the next best offer.

Who needs a broadcast tower?

Marshall Kirkpatrick reports that a local TV news outlet — KZSW in Temecula, California — may be the first to start posting its stories on YouTube.

Posting on YouTube makes it easy for viewers to leave comments, pause and rewind, share videos with others, embed videos on their sites and easily watch highlights from local news if they are outside the area. It also makes it possible for people anywhere in the world to find and watch videos made by the production team of a small town station. That’s very cool.


YouTube for the defense

Another fascinating use of YouTube: A public defender representing a prisoner at Gitmo makes a video presenting his defense. Of course, it’s just one side. But it’s an effective use of the medium.


The Guardian says YouTube is thinking about starting a TV channel. Insert uproar from contributors over sharing in the riches here. I’ll be it will be livelier than Current.

TVJersey: Ya gotta problem with that?

My friends at the Star-Ledger have created the TV station New Jersey doesn’t have: TVJersey, a blog that will feature not only their own videos but also the videos of the people. They’re asking our neighbors to put videos up on YouTube, tagged TVJersey, and those will flow onto the blog and the best will be featured. They’re also giving the people challenges; the first is about Valentine’s day. And on the side, they suggest other events people might want to shoot.

Not only that, but the Ledger is putting its videos on YouTube so they can be discovered there, swimming with the same fishes as everybody else. Says the site:

New Jersey needs a television station to call its own. Programmed by New Jerseyans, for New Jerseyans. TVJersey has no broadcast towers, no satellites. It doesn’t even have a studio. But it has you. And what you produce, we’ll promote.

So this turns video into a local conversation, an open conversation. It also turns a newspaper into a TV station.

Mindy McAdams is already impressed.

[Full disclosure: I advised them on this.]