Who needs a broadcast tower?

Marshall Kirkpatrick reports that a local TV news outlet — KZSW in Temecula, California — may be the first to start posting its stories on YouTube.

Posting on YouTube makes it easy for viewers to leave comments, pause and rewind, share videos with others, embed videos on their sites and easily watch highlights from local news if they are outside the area. It also makes it possible for people anywhere in the world to find and watch videos made by the production team of a small town station. That’s very cool.


  • Brendan

    Jeff, excuse my ignorance. But, what’s the business advantage of using YouTube, versus say building out some of the YouTube-like utility in ones one multimedia player? YouTube does obviously gives this station more viewers, but if the viewers are outside of their area and their advertisers are local, what value is this creating for the business? And I haven’t seen evidence that posting on YouTube drives traffic back to the tv station’s website. Google and other search engines already generate plenty of traffic. The unanswered challenge for local websites is to build up their local audiences if they are going to have a viable business model, or at least so it seems to someone on the editorial side who doesn’t understand all of the dynamics of the business operations.

  • Brendan, the investment required to build YouTube type functionality in a local news station’s own site would probably not be worth it – whereas using YouTube’s infrastructure is easy, free (minus a little time) and could build brand loyalty among youth audiences. Those are a few of my thoughts, but if you click through to my original post you can see more of the station CEO’s thoughts too.

  • The answer to your question is the no one will need BROADCAST towers but the structures will become even more valuable as their antennas are used to support Internet access – especially mobile access. The local radio station or TV station will put its content on the Web. We’ll be able to access it anywhere – not just locally – with over-the-air Internet access.

    Posted more on that http://blog.tomevslin.com/2007/01/who_needs_tower.html

  • What I’m wondering is whether this will cannibalize the existing local audience, by giving them an opportunity to consume the content they want in a no (YT) or low (Revver, et al) ad revenue environment.

    It’s surely not a 1 to 1 relationship and I haven’t a clue how ratings and ad rates work on TV, but at some point doesn’t that affect your TV ad $? Plus, it seems to me much more likely that locals will choose the alternative format than that non-locals will consume local content in any number material to the $.

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  • It doesn’t matter whether it works or not, the real positive is that it gives the tv station “bragging rights.” It gives their tv station a story to tell … and marketing is all about the story.

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