TVJersey: Ya gotta problem with that?

My friends at the Star-Ledger have created the TV station New Jersey doesn’t have: TVJersey, a blog that will feature not only their own videos but also the videos of the people. They’re asking our neighbors to put videos up on YouTube, tagged TVJersey, and those will flow onto the blog and the best will be featured. They’re also giving the people challenges; the first is about Valentine’s day. And on the side, they suggest other events people might want to shoot.

Not only that, but the Ledger is putting its videos on YouTube so they can be discovered there, swimming with the same fishes as everybody else. Says the site:

New Jersey needs a television station to call its own. Programmed by New Jerseyans, for New Jerseyans. TVJersey has no broadcast towers, no satellites. It doesn’t even have a studio. But it has you. And what you produce, we’ll promote.

So this turns video into a local conversation, an open conversation. It also turns a newspaper into a TV station.

Mindy McAdams is already impressed.

[Full disclosure: I advised them on this.]

  • Paw

    Dumb question from a non-techy: Why does TV Jersey need Youtube? why can’t they host these videos themselves?

  • Paw – I would assume so that they can reach a wider audience. Also, why bother hosting the video yourself when YouTube will do it for free.

  • Paw

    Todd – point taken, but from a branding perspective, wouldn’t TVJersey prefer to create an identity apart from Youtube? Presumably, they would want to have an advertising component to this venture, so why not drive traffic to their site instead of someone else’s first? Also, doesn’t it create an extra step in the process – getting the video to Youtube so you can watch it on TV Jersey?

    Perhaps they believe they can create initial buzz by using Youtube in this manner. Question is, if you can see all the TV Jersey user created content on Youtube, why bother with the TV Jersey site itself?

  • Paw: We want to make this as easy as possible, and since YouTube is by far the most popular way to share video online, we figure it makes our little enterprise accessible to the broadest range of participants.

    That said, we’ll probably start using some other services soon to expand the possible options.

    It’s not really an extra step for the user, except for adding a tvjersey tag to the video. And we take it from there, pulling the feed onto our site.

    Why is it worth going to TVJersey and not just viewing the videos at YouTube? We hope people will be interested in the conversation at TVJersey, and in some of the other features we’ll offer, like the monthly challenge.

    As for the advertising issue, we’ll focus for now on aggregating and encouraging the creation of content that has value for our audience in New Jersey and worry about other things later.

    John (one of the gang at TVJersey)

  • Paw

    Thanks, John. Looks like fun and it’s community based, which always works for me. Good luck with it and hopefully the folks at the Star Ledger will wait a little while at least before they start asking you how much revenue they should expect to earn from this.

  • Thank *you*, Paw. I figure they’ll give us at least a week. :)

    Stop by from time to time and let us know how we can improve things.


  • I added their worthy effort to so NJ bloggers will get a look.

  • Richard Cook

    Jarvis perfectly capture the Jersey ethos: “Ya got a problem wit dat?”

  • Jarvis perfectly capture the Jersey ethos: “Ya got a problem wit dat?”

    Maybe the North Jersey ethos. Where’s the SoJo love, I ask you?

    Why can I not get the New Jersey 101.5 tagline out of my head when I read this post: “Not New York. Not Philadelphia. Proud to be New Jersey.”

    At any rate, it’s a good idea. Just come down south of the AC Expressway every once in a while, y’hear?

  • Cooler Heads

    You’re joking, right? So a newspaper takes videos people put on You Tube and says it’s a New Jersey TV station? Why do I need the people at the newspaper to do this for me? If this is all it takes to be a newspaper on the web, I’ll start one too.

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  • Jersey Exile: We’ll go wherever people take us. There’s lots of love to go around.

    Cooler Heads: The more the merrier. Have at it.