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Coming to London

I’m going to be in London working all next week and the first bit of the week after. So I’m just hanging out on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 3 and 4. Anybody around? Drink?

Munich minutes

Just a few minutes from my first day in Munich, badly shot:

Deutschland schwitzt

That was the headline on the lead story on the TV news here tonight. It means Germany sweats, but more colorful sounding. It’s damned hot here. I feel like a one-man global warming jinx. I was in New York for unusual heat, then Florida (when they say it’s a scorcher, it’s a scorcher) and now in Bavaria. Jarvis schwitzt.

International phone tricks

Dave Winer has questions about using mobile phones in Europe. My answer (which I learned from Ken Rutkowski):

1. Get a local SIM card for GSM phone.*
2. Forward your US number to your Skype number.
3. Forward your Skype number to your European GSM number.
This way, people can call your local number and you can talk to them without paying international roaming. Calling the US won’t be cheaper on your mobile phone; for that, use Skype on your laptop while online.

* This requires that you have an unlocked GSM phone. Many GSM phones can be unlocked; just Google for those services or pay your provider for the privilege. I used a really old Nokia phone for years but got a web-ready PDA-phone in January so I can also get email on my phone — a godsend. Also, most providers in Europe sell pay-as-you-go SIM cards that don’t expire; that’s just reason No. 476 why their phone system is better than ours. The EU is also limiting roaming rates within Europe.

Also, Dave, find out whether you need an adapter on the plane for your laptop power. If you’re taking your MacBook, you have to buy that adapter from Apple and only Apple because it has the proprietary magnetic plug.

In Austin

I’m in Austin for UT’s Symposium on Online Journalism. It looks like this town has as many tattoo parlors on every corner as other cities have Starbucks. I tried to convince the leading lights of online journalism to leave the bar last night and go get tatts. Perhaps a nice Google logo. No sale. I also got to meet folks from Dell last night and had a great time. More on that later.