In Austin

I’m in Austin for UT’s Symposium on Online Journalism. It looks like this town has as many tattoo parlors on every corner as other cities have Starbucks. I tried to convince the leading lights of online journalism to leave the bar last night and go get tatts. Perhaps a nice Google logo. No sale. I also got to meet folks from Dell last night and had a great time. More on that later.

  • hugh macleod

    Heh. I was in Austin two weeks ago…. I remember thinking I had never seen so many tatoos on pretty girls in my life. And I went to UT, I don’t remember them then, so I imagine it’s a recent phenom….

  • Christine Crossland

    How could you speak to those Dell b******s after what you found out about their customer service??
    They might have flannelled you a bit at the time of your complaint, but nothing has changed.
    I just ordered 5 ink cartridges over the phone; it took 25 minutes, I had to repeat everything 5 or 6 times, correct the guy 3 or 4 times, wait on hold until I lost the will to live, and finally be cut off when I asked to speak to his supervisor.
    As you can’t get the cartridges from anyone else, it seems Dell are confident that they can treat their captive market however they b well like. The swines.

  • jason
  • Debby

    Dear Christine,

    My name is Debby and I am with Dell Corporate Headquarters.
    I read your post and wanted to extend my apologizes for any frustrations this experience may have caused for you.
    If you would contact me directly at, I would be happy to research this further on your behalf.

    I look forward to your response.

    Thank You,
    Dell Customer Advocate

  • Rod Stanton

    I bought my first Dell 10 years ago this year. I have continued to buy Dell because of their customer support. I have been the victom of several nasty bugs from various web sites between 1998 -2004. My hard drive and CPU were killed by one such attack in 04. (now have both router and firewall protection – which has worked for 1.8 years)The Dell folk first tried to fix ’em over the tele and then sent techs with new parts for both; and the new parts were here in a day!

    Dell is way ahead of Apple, or IBM. I can not talk about anyone else but these other 2 are not nearly as good nor as fast as Dell.