Deutschland schwitzt

That was the headline on the lead story on the TV news here tonight. It means Germany sweats, but more colorful sounding. It’s damned hot here. I feel like a one-man global warming jinx. I was in New York for unusual heat, then Florida (when they say it’s a scorcher, it’s a scorcher) and now in Bavaria. Jarvis schwitzt.

  • That’s why we have great beer – Bavaria is famous for it.
    And its the only thing that helps in this climate.
    You just have to enjoy it!

    Go to a Biergarten and get a Augustiner Edelstoff!
    Have one for me as well…

  • Alex

    Biergarten is a good idea! But Augustiner means Headache. Try Paulaner, Löwenbräu or another one of the Munich-Beers… Welcome in Bavaria!

  • Eric

    You’re like the Anti-Gore!

  • You’re just not used to it because in NY you’re sitting in an air conditioned environment ;-)

  • As I recall, Schumann’s has air conditioning and a table by the stream at Grüntal is a nice outdoor alternative. If you spot a cute eighteen-year-old there say hi, it could be my daughter!

    Enjoy Munich; I envy you. Here in Abu Dhabi today the high is 40 and with 60% humdidity that no fun at all.


  • Come to London, quick. It doesn’t feel like July here. Brrr.

  • The language we are learning here is Schwitzterdeutsch.