Munich minutes

Just a few minutes from my first day in Munich, badly shot:

  • Fantastic! I hope you video blog your whole trip. Thanks for taking us with you, Jeff. Keep vlogging!

  • Very nice video. Monocle magazine declared Munich the best city in the world. Would you agree? I visited it shortly in summertime and found it live and beautifully deprived of street ads (I even missed them). Beautiful people, scary food. Greetings.

  • Hi Jeff,

    The video captures Schwabing so well that I have unashamedly re-posted it at but not just as a former resident of ‘the best city in the world’ (thanks for the tip, Mr Argandona!).

    Since you have a post-roll ad on the piece I wanted to use it to highlight some monetization conundrums which perplex not only this old guy in the Sandlands.

  • Jim

    Nice. About half way through it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen any cell phones. (Just before the end a guy rolls buy with one up to his ear.) True? Or were people wearing headsets?

  • GM

    Munich is a great place. I lived there for a year, 1998-1999. Thanks for the shots of Schwabing, especially, and the sidewalk cafes there.