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Peace on one front

The IRA announces that it renounces terrorism, resumes disarmament, and ends its 36-year war. I wonder whether any of them were at least embarrassed for finding themselves in the same moral boat as the fanatic Islamic death squads terrorizing London.

London nerves

Every network is now talking about evacuated tube stations in London and reports of smoke and a “nail bomb” and a bus attack. They are being careful, as they should be, not to go overboard. In the days after 9/11, there were many scares and reports that, thank God, did not pan out. We can only hope that’s what is happening in London. Here’s the Guardian, the BBC, CNN. I get errors from Reuters and the Times of London.

Google prison hack

Martha Stewart tells Vanity Fair that she figured out how to take the drat unfashionable ankle bracelet off:

Asked about the electronic monitoring device she must wear on her ankle she has complained repeatedly that it irritates her skin Stewart says she knows how to remove it. “I watched them put it on. You can figure out how to get it off,” she is quoted as saying. “It’s on the Internet. I looked it up.”

But Phillip Torone says Martha is a better Googler than he. He can’t find this on the internet. Can you?

Good riddance

I, for one, am delighted that New York lost the 2012 Olympics. We did not need another security threat; an expensive stadium; drug-crazed athletes; an overdose of reporters; endless gushing features on the 6 pm news; candy-colored banners festooning our city, trying to put us in a good mood; and yet more touurists. New York never needed the Olympics and as they pointed out on the radio this morning — comparing the crowd of thousands of losers, as it turns out, in Paris vs. the gaggle of reporters in New York — New Yorkers never wanted the Olympics.

: LATER: As My World Turns says Chirac may have lost Paris the Olympics with his snarks at the Brits (below):

But — and here is the Olympics connection — it was also hinted both in London and on last night’s NBC News that Chirac’s faux pas could only hurt Paris’ bid for hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics. NBC News mentioned that two of the judges who would decide which city was going to host the 2012 Summer Olympics were from Finland! A little revenge on their part might have gone a long way…

Cat Frog fight!

Ever the gentleman, Jacques Chirac manages to piss off the Brits before the G8:

An astonishing diplomatic blunder by Jacques Chirac soured relations with the UK after it emerged that he had mocked Britain’s cooking and reputation for trustworthiness.

His comments, made during a private conversation with President Putin of Russia and Gerhard Schröder, the German Chancellor, were overheard and printed in the Libération newspaper yesterday.

“The only thing that they have ever done for European agriculture is ‘mad cow’ disease,” M Chirac said of the British. “You cannot trust people who have such bad cuisine. It is the country with the worst food after Finland,” he told amused colleagues during a meeting in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad on Sunday.

M Chirac’s remarks are being seized upon as evidence of “Old Europe’s” true feelings towards Britain when relations have been severely strained by the budget row at last month’s European Union summit.