So many straight lines, so little time

Britain suffers a shortage of sperm.

  • Cridland

    Speaking of the Isles, Jeff, what did you think of the report that preceded your interview on the NPR show On The Media this weekend? I was half-listening while preparing my bachelor dinner in Los Angeles. The interviewee said some suspciously ham-handed things about the Thatcher government’s treatment of the IRA in the media. I’m no expert by any means, but after that report, it was surprising that that the next voice tobe heard was yours.

    The transcript is not available yet, and I’m looking forward to giving it my full attention. But it will be here:

    Under “the silence next time.”

    (PS- I’m not even sure the report was wrong, in context. Again, it was only half-heard. But truth is all about nuance, know what I mean?)

  • Anon

    It’s the bad teeth / fellatio correlation theory proving its merit.