Hot (not) off the presses

I want an RSS feed of the top searches in any day (or hour) on Technorati (not to mention Google, Bloglines, IceRocket, and Yahoo) and here’s why. Steve “Scoop” Rubel says:

One reason I turn to the blogosphere for news is that you find gems that you can’t unearth anywhere else. For example, my interest was piqued this morning when I saw on Technorait’s top searches a spike in queries for Christopher Walken. Sure enough, I found out that he’s running for President. As of right now the news media hasn’t really picked up on this one yet…but they will.

: LATER: Scoop Rubel, who started this, now leaves a comment saying there are reports this is a hoax. See also the Technorati rumors. This is why newsrooms confirm things….

  • What he says jives with what the street is saying …maybe this is the new politics, the pols will win but the meesage that gets home is spread by the ersatz pols = actors. Christopher “Braveheart” Walken ? he is 50% Scottish on his mom’s side.

  • Ed Rusch

    “As of right now the news media hasn’t really picked up on this one yet…but they will.”

    So what? Could there be anything more meaningless in the news today that Chris Walken has announced he’s running for president? Hell, the news about Fox keeping Paula Abdul on American Idol is bigger.

    If this is to impress us on the news judgement of the blogosphere, consider me unimpressed.

    Still waiting for that Technorati sale, btw.

  • Some folks are saying this a hoax. If it is, then i shows how easily it is to propagate one.

  • What I find amazing (well, interesting) about the blogosphere is how we have this ocean of information at our disposal and yet most of the sites are linking to the same stories in a daisychain of comment and regurgitation. Not that I’m any different.

  • This story, the as yet unknown outcome of the Technorati rumour and the other big story – the comScore report validity – make an interesting point about the blogosphere and the notion of citizen journalism. Memes are all very well (it was interesting to see how the list of take-away points from comScore made it around on their own steam untill Jason Calacanis started asking difficult questions) but understanding the blogosphere requires that we think more about the role that each node in the graph plays. For each post, the poster knows if they are a) starting a new story with new information, b) adding information to an existing stream or c) simply repeating information. All types of posts are interesting ecologically, but they tend to be treated the same.

    A blogger has to weight the divergent pressures of doing something quickly (which often leads to c) and adding value (a, b – which take time).

  • Wow, some folks believed this? Incidentally, whois shows nothing.

    Unless I hear Walken directly quoted by some outlet he’d actually speak to, I’m not buying this.

  • JurisCurious

    C. Walken is currently out of the country. And yes the website is honest to God real. He’s got my vote. “These booths are made for Walken” (from We need more cowbell in the White House.

  • Hoax or joke? Where is line drawn? I never took the story seriously when I saw it Friday, I can’t believe people would, watch out Alf may run as well. ;-)