Hot (not) off the presses

I want an RSS feed of the top searches in any day (or hour) on Technorati (not to mention Google, Bloglines, IceRocket, and Yahoo) and here’s why. Steve “Scoop” Rubel says:

One reason I turn to the blogosphere for news is that you find gems that you can’t unearth anywhere else. For example, my interest was piqued this morning when I saw on Technorait’s top searches a spike in queries for Christopher Walken. Sure enough, I found out that he’s running for President. As of right now the news media hasn’t really picked up on this one yet…but they will.

: LATER: Scoop Rubel, who started this, now leaves a comment saying there are reports this is a hoax. See also the Technorati rumors. This is why newsrooms confirm things….