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Hot (not) off the presses

I want an RSS feed of the top searches in any day (or hour) on Technorati (not to mention Google, Bloglines, IceRocket, and Yahoo) and here’s why. Steve “Scoop” Rubel says:

One reason I turn to the blogosphere for news is that you find gems that you can’t unearth anywhere else. For example, my interest was piqued this morning when I saw on Technorait’s top searches a spike in queries for Christopher Walken. Sure enough, I found out that he’s running for President. As of right now the news media hasn’t really picked up on this one yet…but they will.

: LATER: Scoop Rubel, who started this, now leaves a comment saying there are reports this is a hoax. See also the Technorati rumors. This is why newsrooms confirm things….

Where in the world

Adrian Holovaty, the single most creative person I’ve run across in online news (or the most creative who also actually creates what he dreams up) has incorporated contextual Google Maps into news stories.

CNN maketh news… and taketh news away

How silly: CNN makes news with Robert Novak’s hissy fit and puts the video up online but then takes it down. Didn’t they learn from Jon Stewart on Crossfire? He got 150,000 viewers on big, old CNN and millions — millions — online off CNN. Here you have a news network making news and they don’t share the news. That, as Robert Novak would say, is bullshit.

Peace on one front

The IRA announces that it renounces terrorism, resumes disarmament, and ends its 36-year war. I wonder whether any of them were at least embarrassed for finding themselves in the same moral boat as the fanatic Islamic death squads terrorizing London.

London nerves

Every network is now talking about evacuated tube stations in London and reports of smoke and a “nail bomb” and a bus attack. They are being careful, as they should be, not to go overboard. In the days after 9/11, there were many scares and reports that, thank God, did not pan out. We can only hope that’s what is happening in London. Here’s the Guardian, the BBC, CNN. I get errors from Reuters and the Times of London.