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Good on MSNBC

Mark Memmott from USAToday reports that MSNBC has, indeed, loosened its restrictions on debate video. And CNN has opened up entirely. Good for them both. Details at PrezVid.

The French shame MSNBC

Details over at PrezVid.

MSNBC, network of old farts

I envision the meeting at NBC News and MSNBC when they got the first debate of the campaign and met to decide what to do about it. Anything new since the last time? ‘Naw,’ they say. ‘When’s lunch?’

Not much is new. Besides YouTube. And MySpace. And the explosion of weblogs. And the spread of easy video editing tools. And podcasts. And iTunes. And the distributed media marketplace. And the incredible power of Google and its search and ads. And the implosion of old TV. And competition for cable from the internet. Naw, not much. You’d think they would have sat around that mahogany table and wondered what new they could do in this new media world. But, no, they decided to do things the way they always had done them.: They restricted use of the video from the people’s debate because they thought they could. Poor, sad, extinct, old sods.

So when Ad Age asked MSNBC for tomorrow’s edition about its antiquated media rules for the debate video, the network’s response:

In an e-mail, an MSNBC spokesman said, “The entire debate is available for all to view and link to on”

Where it’s hidden inside the bowels of an old network site. And, actually, it’s not even findable: I can’t see a reference to “debate” or “democratic” on the home page tonight. Neither is it truly linkable; each debate Q&A does not have but should have a permalink. And it’s certainly not embeddable so that bloggers could spread the video and the debate (and MSNBC’s brand). And, Lord knows, it’s not remixable! And so the people say, to hell with it, let’s just put it up on YouTube around those old farts. (Crossposted from PrezVid)