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Mr. Sensitivity

Bill O’Reilly is asking a kid who survived on that bus on the collapsed bridge: “Did you think you were going to die?” Does the man have a callous on his heart and brain?

: Now O’Reilly is implying that we’re driving too many SUVs and that weight, plus some trucks, crushed the bridge. Is Bill going green?

Hey, Fox: Duck!

This is like sending weapons to the Mujahideen to get them to attack your real enemy: Robert Greenwald, Fox News attacker, mashes together every Fox attack on blogs that he can find: red meat to the link army — and pretty damned funny.

Good on MSNBC

Mark Memmott from USAToday reports that MSNBC has, indeed, loosened its restrictions on debate video. And CNN has opened up entirely. Good for them both. Details at PrezVid.

And that’s the way it is, spake the Lord

Fox News is airing the church service and sermon by the scary — for me — Rick Warren, CableNewser tells us. Of course, TV stations air services at Christmas but not as news events. Is this news? Or is it proselytizing? Will they air Friday services from a mosque in Ramadan? A service from a synagogue in the high holy days? A service from a liberal church on Christmas Eve? Where’s the news?

: LATER: I watched his service when I got home from my own. What platitudinal pop pap. With really irritating music. And Fox selling DVDs of the thing.