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Treonauts has been doing its usual stellar job keeping me up to date on the new Treo 700p — the Palm, high-speed version of the phone I love. Andrew has more details today. I’m sure to upgrade (as soon as my old Treo 650 is a year old in June and I can qualify for an upgrade rebate) because I want the high-speed. Desperately.

What sold me on EVDO high-speed is the free use of another phone from Sprint. I didn’t use it hardly at all (my son is taking it over) but I used it enough to see the benefits, which for me are two:

First, I got to watch live TV on the phone and I am certain that the next time a big news story breaks, I’ll end up watching the news on my new Treo. Sure, I could get web, RSS, or email updates on my slower phone today. But we’re all trained to turn to TV for the big, breaking story and if I can do that from anywhere, I will. It lets news junkies snort news.

Second, Sprint wisely released this phone with the ability to use it as a high-speed modem for your laptop. Others have tried to cripple that. It’s a major selling point for this phone. I’ll then be able to cancel my Verizon EVDO card, which costs me $90 a month, and use Sprint’s unlimited data plan on my Treo, saving money and giving me one less gadget to carry around.

Can’t wait.

The Blackberry buzz

We’ve all heard it: that staccato buzz coming over a telephone speaker, even when it’s off, and we look to play a game of, Who Has the Blackberry? The other day at a big event, I heard it over the loudspeakers. I wondered whether this was engineered in; it would be smart if irritating advertising for the ‘berry. But I see it’s called the GSM mosquito and new standards are supposed to eliminate it.

The joys of connectivity

I’m in London and thanks to advice from Ken Rutkowski, I just did something need with my telephony: I forwarded my U.S. mobile to my Skype account and, in turn, forward that to a UK mobile phone, so my family and colleagues can call my U.S. number locally and I will pay local rates here.

Wireless phone sex

Trendspotter spots trendy Japanese man kissing his phone.

It wasn’t hard to piece together an explanation — the man was making a video call to his lover. His lover had asked for a screen kiss, or perhaps they’d synchronized one. It was my first glimpse of this behavior, and it happened in Tokyo, but I knew it wouldn’t be my last.

If you need a defender….

One of the oddest bits of branding I’ve seen in a long time is Windows Defender, which only makes Windows obviously vulnerable and in need of help.