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Mac question

OK, Mac heads, now that you’ve talked me into this, answer me this:

How do I change the function of say, the F12 key on my Powerbook to turn it into a normal old forward delete key (FN-DELETE in Macese)? I’m being driven nuts by having to do two-handed deletes. I just want a simple delete key. And I can’t believe that Apple devoted entire keys to eject and to bringing up the dashboard (when they have all those pretty icons to do the task for us).

Video jockeys: Help, please

Can you video experts tell me what the quality issues are with video recorded onto SD cards et al instead of onto tape and discs. What’s the maximum quality of such digital cameras? I’m asking for a project that would involve a lot of people carrying cameras all the time and so smaller is better, and so is easier. Appreciate the advice.

APB: Robot on the loose

Tom Evslin can’t find his robot.

UPDATE: Tom found the prodigal Roomba. Newsflash in the archived comments here.