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Gadget moment

Treonauts has the good news that the Treo 700P — the high-speed EV-DO Palm model — will be coming to Sprint next month. Away, devil, stop tempting me.

Just give us the 39-cent plug, please

Chrysler made news yesterday announcing that they’ll put out iPod-ready cars. This story lists all kinds of developments in multimedia driving. All I want is a damned aux plug to hook up my iPod or Sirius or whatever I please. It’s still scandalous and stupid that car-stereo companies have ignored the revolution in consumer-controlled media.

: NOTE THE COMMENTS, Detroit, Tokyo, Munich, et al: People are making car-buying decisions based on whether you install that damned 39-cent plug.

Fire your consumer-research departments and read blog comments.

Take off

Connexion, Boeing’s in-flight wi-fi service, announces new pricing (still not a bargain, but what the hell?) and also this:

Connexion also announced that customers on all airlines equipped with its service will be able to watch several channels of live global television through their laptops beginning Jan. 23. That service, which will broadcast BBC World, EuroNews, Eurosportnews, CNBC and MSNBC, will be available to any passengers who buy blocks of Internet access. They will not have to pay extra for it.

A Sirius technical challenge

OK, help me set up my satellite radio palace: How do I get the satellite radio signal in and move it all around the house? Are there any solutions — like broadcasting iTunes via wi-fi or other means of listening to internet radio anywhere — that will get Sirius into every room?

The setup I’m working with now just won’t cut it: I pull the satellite receiver out of the car and stick it in the home dock and it transmits to my office and the room next door, but only if I take the antenna and dangle it just so over a hat tree. When I want to listen in the shower, I have to drag along the dock and the antenna and find just the right angle there to transmit to the shower radio.

What I’d like is to set up the antenna in one spot with the dock and use other technology — computer with wi-fi, other newfangled gadget — to transmit that to any radio in the house. Any suggestions?


Engadget did a spectacular job covering the Consumer Electronics Show, even getting backstage. What strikes me, though, is that there was too much stuff and too much information about it. And as efficient as Engadget was at presented it, there was still an overdose. So I wonder whether CES is such a good place to launch products anymore. You get buried; as soon as you make news, you’re yesterday’s news.

Apple, however, is tomorrow’s news. That’s when MacWorld starts…..