The Blackberry buzz

We’ve all heard it: that staccato buzz coming over a telephone speaker, even when it’s off, and we look to play a game of, Who Has the Blackberry? The other day at a big event, I heard it over the loudspeakers. I wondered whether this was engineered in; it would be smart if irritating advertising for the ‘berry. But I see it’s called the GSM mosquito and new standards are supposed to eliminate it.

  • RonP

    makes you wonder about how how emr you are rcving, constantly, right next all that soft tissue at your waste. and you were worried about brain tumors caused by cell phone radiation going through your noggin.

  • RonP

    “waist” sorry about that

  • matt

    the best was when i was on a jury recently, and one of the witnesses hadn’t powered down his phone and it came over the PA system in the courtroom. i knew what it was, but alot of folks didn’t.


    My name is Al Sacco and I’m a writer with I recently wrote a blog entry on why BlackBerrys and other smartphones cause speakers or other nearby electronics to buzz. I spoke with RIM’s global intelligence director to find out why the buzz occurs, what RIM is doing about it, even a few ways users can muffle the buzz. Check it out: