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The MySpace (OurSpace) primary

MySpace announcing a presidential primary for its members is more than a publicity stunt. It exposes the absurdity of geographic primaries in this connected age. MySpace members share a lot more interests and concerns with teach other than they do with their neighbors; I share more with my fellow internet residents than Jersey residents. But then, the rush to get every primary moved ahead of every other primary also reveals the absurdity of the system. All these states are attempting to get more attention (visits and ad revenue) and influence in the election.

But now MySpace steals some of that thunder, for candidates will now need to spend some effort and, yes, money there to make sure that Obama doesn’t walk away with the virtual election and the subsequent rush of publicity (just watch: the winner on MySpace will end up being announced on network news shows; it would be more newsworthy than last night’s NBC Nightly News report on the voting campaign for Sanjaya).

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Now this is a valuable community

Reuters starts a MySpace for stock-pickers. Said Reuters head Tom Glocer: “It won’t have the latest hot videos and the ‘why I am into Metallica and the Arctic Monkeys’ blogs. Instead we are going to give our financial services users the ability to post their research or if they are traders, their trading models.” It’s a great move. Pity that other brands with communities already buzzing around them didn’t come to this first: The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Business Week, CNBC, and on and on. They already have the people gathered around, interested in stocks; they have the wise crowd and the magnet that draws them. When I say that magazines and other media brands should be opening the windows and enabling the people to talk through them to each other to gather and share what they want, this is what I mean. Good on Reuters.