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Recovery 2.0: Links

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows about a Katrina project that didn’t get squeezed into the On The Media interview. I’d blogged it before but wanted to link to it again: uses the collected, distributed power of people on the internet to gather and enter data on the missing and displaced so friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors can be reconnected.

40,000 volunteers

The Red Cross needs 40,000 volunteers:

About 36,000 Red Cross volunteers are currently providing food, shelter and other emergency help to about 160,000 people at 675 shelters in 23 states, an agency spokesman said. But many of the volunteers, who typically serve three-week stints in the field, will be going home soon and replacements are needed.

Sorry, gentlemen

I gave to the fun started by former presidents Bush and Clinton after 9/11. I don’t think I’ll give to the fund they’re starting after Katrina. They’re going to give money to the governors of the states affected. I don’t know about about Alabama’s Riley, but I do not trust Mississippi’s Barbour and especially Louisiana’s Blanco to use this money well. I’m giving to the Mercy Corps.


Today, bloggers everywhere are joining to urge you to give to hurricane relief. No need to explain why. No need to beg. It’s so obvious. So my suggestion is: Please give to Mercy Corps.


Glenn Reynolds has a good roundup of charities working in Katrina’s wake.

In response to a call from Hugh Hewitt, Truth Laid Bear put up a great resource to direct bloggers’ and blog readers’ charity here. This is aimed at a big push tomorrow. Keep an eye on those sites.

And also, here’s the Red Cross.