Today, bloggers everywhere are joining to urge you to give to hurricane relief. No need to explain why. No need to beg. It’s so obvious. So my suggestion is: Please give to Mercy Corps.

  • Yes bloggers everywhere are coming out to help in the Katrina effort.

    And to get more links or visibility to their own causes:

    I want to see either effort open up to the rest of the web.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Jefff…I found a link to a Police scanner feed. They are holding perimeter around the FEMA building.

    If you can listen, here it is.

  • David

    Won’t the Government be giving money to the families of loved ones like they did for the 9/11 families? If not why not?

  • Jeff

    A few of us are trying to get people to use a database to find each other. It’s here.

    I’ve created a Wiki and I’m trying to keep it updated on evacuation and property details. I’ve linked to the bloggers and forums that are reporting on the New Orleans crisis.

    Very tired, so might not make sense, but it would help if everyone started using a database to register, and we all got on the same page.

  • whodat

    I know money is certainly a necessity. But I want to know what I can do physically–right now. How do I get them food, clothers, toiletries, etc.?

    Where can I go to help? Maybe I’m too cynical, but why don’t we forget about all these concerts and the like and get these people to go down there and help? Think of all the setup required for a big concert. Might that energy be better utilized by loading trucks? We know why we should give and we have their albums. Let’s get busy. People are suffering. Every second is painful for them. Let’s get some of these top bloggers to get the info that I was speaking about and let’s get going.

  • Gah! The wiki I created:

    Hey! Someone else is also editing it! Finally.

    And there are some cool bloggers in NOLA:

    Are both working on getting information out.

  • Whodat,

    They say you’ll only be part of the problem if you arrive, “self-dispatch”.

    But, yeah, it is so hard to watch. It makes you want to *do* something.

  • Jeff,

    My husband returned from Baton Rouge last night. Here’s the situation on the ground.

  • Ramon

    Well, well. When the entire population of Fallujah was forced to leave, and most of the buildings damaged by US fire, there was very little outcry in the States. Everybody was turned into a refugee and normal life still hasn’t resumed.

    What goes around comes around!

  • Hi, you have an interesting blog.

  • whodat

    Gee Ramon, and does that make you happy? You are a bit too twisted.

  • whodat:
    If you call the Salvation Army or some churches, you may well find truckloads of relief items being assembled to be given directly to the refugees. I did.

    And What a Mensch! Jerry Lewis is devoting his Labor Day telethon partially to the hurrican relief effort.

  • yako

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  • whodat

    Thanks Ruth. I remember that now from Andrew.

  • jp

    first you blame the major for before and after. then you should blame the governor than you blame fema it seems all the people that blame the u..s goverment have done nothing is a liltle hipocritocal , i not saying that they should do more but they are repsond to rebuilding but the current condisction alll the news reports could bus some people out, but they did not, they gave food but thats the only help cnn and other could help bus others but choose not too because the cost would be too much