40,000 volunteers

The Red Cross needs 40,000 volunteers:

About 36,000 Red Cross volunteers are currently providing food, shelter and other emergency help to about 160,000 people at 675 shelters in 23 states, an agency spokesman said. But many of the volunteers, who typically serve three-week stints in the field, will be going home soon and replacements are needed.

  • I went to a RC orientation last week but I decided against it because wearing the RC uniform – and signing their NDA and IP agreement – conflicted with my goal of also taking pictures and writing reports from the field. But, if you aren’t interested in the latter sign up.

  • Angelo Vendetta

    I hope they get the people they need and I’m sure they will

  • For some reason, the shelter set up in Albuquerque is already closed – it never got more than 100 people, despite the apparent need. We were set up and prepared to take over 1000.

  • Insert-Name-Here

    What a shame that none of the 160,000 people being helped have time to help by preparing thier own meals or doing any of the other RC “unskilled” tasks.

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