Sorry, gentlemen

I gave to the fun started by former presidents Bush and Clinton after 9/11. I don’t think I’ll give to the fund they’re starting after Katrina. They’re going to give money to the governors of the states affected. I don’t know about about Alabama’s Riley, but I do not trust Mississippi’s Barbour and especially Louisiana’s Blanco to use this money well. I’m giving to the Mercy Corps.

  • Andy Freeman

    Why no trust for Mississippi’s state/local govt? They didn’t bungle things, and they got hit by the stronger side of the storm.

  • dg

    I think that is a good choice. I found their press conference pretty unnerving for many reaasons. Their choice of who to give the funds to was pretty questionable. American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity – yes. Government – no. What a strange reflection. I trust private agencies more than government.

    Yet I wonder much about how the city will be rebuilt – from each individual to the city streets and infrastructure. They did point out it is too big for one agency.

    It’s more than business owners and homeowners going in and cleaning up. Makes me worry about the current battle between local government and federal government.

    I’m not sure which one is better for the the kind of work force and contracts that will have to be done to get people relocated and a city rebuilt. But I tend to think one or the other in charge with the support of the other would be better than both trying to work together battling for authority.

    I think too about the problems that existed in New Orleans, and so many US cities long before the hurricane. I listened to Clinton say that we have to get all those individuals homes and job and take care of them. Yes we do. Now and should have before, really. I would imagine there are people presently in shelters who now have a better standard of living than they did before.

  • John

    Jeff, I’m not sure what your problem is with Barbour in terms of this immediate situation. There’s no doubt, as a former Republican National Committee chairman, that his a partisan, but in term of preparedness/relief from Kartina, is it just that he was too supportive of Bush and the federal relief efforts on Meet the Press Sunday, or have you seen references to problems in Mississippi that resemble those in Louisiana and can be directly tied to inaction by state officials?

  • Richard Ames

    You gave to the “fun”? Gee, I’d like to get in on the fun too. I’ll bet when Bill starts some fun it’s awesome!

  • Mike NYC

    Did the former presidents start a fund after 9/11? I thought it was only after the tsunami.

  • edddie

    Andy Freeman wrote:
    Why no trust for Mississippi’s state/local govt? They didn’t bungle things, and they got hit by the stronger side of the storm.

    Well, it might be because Haley Barbour is the very definition of a political hack, with his nose firmly planted between the ass cheeks of Preznit Bush.