Exploding TV: Death to the schedule

Chris Albrecht at NewTeeVee has a great post summarizing where network TV shows are available this fall . . . besides the TV. Here’s their very handy chart:

Network Home Page AOL iTunes Amazon Unbox Xbox Live
ABC Yes Yes Yes Just The Nine No
CBS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CW Just Beauty and the Geek No Yes Yes Yes
FOX Yes Yes Yes (free for now)

Yes Yes
NBC Yes Not Yet For now Yes Yes

I just downloaded the new Kelsey Grammer/Patty Heaton sitcom — for free on iTunes — because I missed it the other night and didn’t think to TiVo it. If this were old-time TV, I’d have been out of luck until rerun season, of course — if the show get to reruns. Now I can watch it when and where I want. How long will it be before the venues above add up to more than broadcast TV for some series? Not as long as you think.