Hire him

So I come across the brand new blog about the new newsroom with only three posts yet it already imparts some wisdom about the new architecture of news, for example:

The Web is your Web site; search is your navigation.
* Every piece of content should function as an independent business that can be embedded in whatever Web site wishes to host it;
* Advertising needs to integrate with every piece of content and go wherever it goes;
* Journalism organizations should think of themselves as wire services providing content for any interested Web site; let people who intimately know their audience aggregate and present the content (after finding it with search) . . .

I couldn’t figure out at first who was writing this (a pet peeve of mine — put up ‘about’ pages, people) and then found, to my surprise, that it is one of the students with whom I worked on the GoSkokie hyperlocal project at Northwestern. And it turns out he’s working for a paper that might fold, so he’s job-hunting. So take a look at the guy.

  • Andy Freeman

    > Advertising needs to integrate with every piece of content and go wherever it goes

    Advertising doesn’t have needs.

  • Picky, picky.
    I believe he’s saying that advertising needs to be integrated…. That is to say, publishers need to integrate advertising….

  • Advertising doesn’t have needs.
    But it does need to spread.

  • Not trying for a minute to trump you, Jeff, but I published something damn similar a couple of weeks back, at http://www.skunktank.com/weblog/2007/08/media-20-and-th.html, and then followed it with a piece about the back end processing facilities needed to support this innovation. I work in the magazine business in Australia, for the biggest publisher (over 50 percent market share) and there is no conception among those who hold the power that this is where it is all going; indeed, on the publishing side of the fence, the general understanding of this kind of fragmentation is very poor indeed. Ho hum, onwards. And, although very much more succinct than my own piece, I really enjoyed this post. And you’re right, someone hire this guy.

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