Rah Rah CBS

When CBS and Viacom split, CBS got the smarts about the future of video. The Times today writes about the network inviting people to put up their videos. And here‘s Les Moonves talking about the benefits of putting the network’s stuff on YouTube: “It’s hard to do an absolute cause and effect, but we know it absolutely is helping. We are looking at every single outlet there is for our content.”

  • christion

    A few months ago I was search for an old Letterman clip on YouTube, and I came across clips from the Craig Ferguson. The clips were uploaded by CBS, so I thought, “they can’t be any good if a company posted them- they’re just probably some promo junk.” But they were hilarious, and so many of them to enjoy. That next day I began telling friends about the show- friends that have a TV. And if I’m ever at their house that late at night, you know what show we’ll be watching.
    Thanks CBS for thinking outside of the (television) box!

  • CBS recently hired Mike Marquez, known as a “whiz kid” while here at Yahoo… The fact that they hired him bodes well for CBS…

  • Ayal Rosenthal

    And I thought that Viacom would be the better of the two. Shame on me.