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* Steven Johnson’s has launched some new features and announced funding from, among others, Fred Wilson and Brad Burnham (who write about it here) and Marc Andressen. I care about local and, like Fred, see huge swaths of unclaimed territory there online.

* Andrew Tyndall has long been the authority on network news coverage, but it was hard to get to his stuff because it was a newsletter. Now it’s an impressive site with a grid that lets you view and compare the nets’ coverage of top stories.

(Disclosures: I was asked to join the advisory board for and was on the board of one of Johnson’s earlier companies, which created And I gave Andrew my two cents on his plan in return for a free lunch.)

  • Hasan Jafri

    Very nice JOB. Local news rocks. But they need to get away from sourcing a bulk of the posts as coming from Feedburner. Feebburner is not the source. It’s just a tool for optimizing content distribution.

    I should add, I’m a fan and this nugget of wisdom, irksome as it is, in good faith. I opened the page for Seattle and half the items had Feedburner written on them. I understand they’re using Feedburner, or else bloggers are, but it’s a little like saying “from PHP” or “from AJAX.” We don’t do that.

  • Does anyone even care about network news anymore?

    I feel bad for anyone that has to watch all the network newscasts, every single day.

  • I just discovered I don’t really care about reports of potholes and traffic deaths no matter how local they are.

    Sometimes the noise of daily life is worth ignoring. Hyper local seems hyper boring.

  • Greg0658

    And the big pictures reminds me of a so called piece of art last summer at Columbia College (Chicago) … a robotic mannequin beating his head against the wall.

  • Jeff: You’re supposed to espouse transparency, right? Yet here you are, telling us about a supposed “free lunch,” without mentioning what was served? A delicious croque monsieur? Salad? Diet Coke? Were fries involved? What did Tyndall order and when?

    I’m also p.o.’d because I gave Tyndall two cents worth of advice and didn’t even get a bag of chips.


  • gz

    We continue to see ventures focused on local content, but who is focused on aggregating local advertising, which is presumably a critical component of the revenue model for these types of ventures?