60 Seconds

Don Hewitt is ready for his second act: an online-only show filled with the commentary of the YouTube generation. Very impressive.

“I know that this is an age group that does not watch television,” Hewitt said. “They are not interested. I figure that’s because they are bent over a computer all the time. I figure, maybe the way to reach them is the Internet.” . . .

And although the technical requirements for submission are low-budget–even cell phone camera footage is OK, so long as the sound is clean–the storytelling vision is pure Hewitt.

“If you’re interviewing others, make sure they are interesting,” reads the email. “Strong characters can save a weak story. Weak characters can sink the strongest of stories. Cast your story with people whose personas make you pay attention. . . . people who are forceful, animated, quirky, whatever . . . you’ll know it when you see it.”

  • Not watching television is a result of being spoiled for constant commercial interruptions as much as by the vacuity of the presentation. I prefer to wait and see, say, This Week on the website and avoid the ads.

    It would seem that the executive branch has learned to put CSpan viewers to sleep during hearings too, I note that increasingly the presentation of the administration’s case is by monotonous, highly unentertaining dry drone. I am tempted rather often when doing research to catch the news’ presentation for salient points. Of course, that would not do justice to my readers, at cab drollery and now also correntewire.

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